Benjamin Davis - Selected Publications#

225 publications, h index = 56

Paper 1. (85.) Expanding the Diversity of Chemical Protein Modification allows Post-translational Mimicry, S.I. van Kasteren, H.O. Kramer, H.H. Jensen, S.J. Campbell, J. Kirkpatrick, N.J. Oldham, D.C. Anthony and B.G. Davis, Nature 2007, 446, (7139), 1105-1110.

Paper 2. (137.) Filled and Glycosylated Carbon Nanotubes for In Vivo Radioemitter Localization and Imaging, S.Y Hong, G. Tobias, K.T. Al-Jamal, B. Ballesteros, H. Ali-Boucetta, S. Lozano-Perez, P.D. Nellist, R.B. Sim, C. Finucane, S.J. Mather, M.L.H. Green, K. Kostarelos and B.G. Davis, Nat. Materials, 2010, 9, (6), 485-490.

Paper 3. (150.) Sensing the Anomeric Effect in a Solvent-Free Environment, E.J. Cocinero, P. Çarçabal, T.D. Vaden, J.P. Simons and B.G. Davis, Nature, 2011, 469, (1), 76-79.

Paper 4. (155.) Uptake of Unnatural Trehalose Analogs as a Reporter for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, K.M. Backus, H.I. Boshoff, C.S. Barry, O. Boutureira, M.K Patel, F. D’Hooge, S. Seo Lee, L.E. Via, K. Tahlan, C.E. Barry III and B.G Davis, Nat. Chem. Biol., 2011, 7, (4), 228-235.

Paper 5. (164.) Mechanistic Evidence for a Front-Side, SNi-type Reaction in a Retaining Glycosyltransferase, S. Seo Lee, S. You Hong, J.C. Errey, A. Izumi, G.J Davies and B.G Davis, Nat. Chem. Biol., 2011, 7, (9), 631-638.

Paper 6. (197.) Creation of a Gated Antibody as a Conditionally Functional Synthetic Protein, S.B. Gunnoo, H.M. Finney, T.S. Baker, A.D. Lawson, D.C. Anthony and B.G. Davis, Nat. Commun., 2014, 5, 4388.

Paper 7. (211.) An Antibacterial Vaccination Strategy Based on a Glycoconjugate Containing the Core Lipopolysaccharide Tetrasaccharide Hep2Kdo2, L. Kong, B. Vijayakrishnan, M. Kowarik, J. Park, A.N. Zakharova, L. Neiwert, A. Faridmoayer and B.G. Davis, Nat. Chem., 2016, 8, (3), 242-249.

Paper 8. (215.) Chemical Polyglycosylation and Nanoliter Detection Allows Single-molecule Recapitulation of Bacterial Sugar Export, L. Kong, A. Almond, H. Bayley, B.G. Davis, Nat. Chem. 2016, 8, (5), 461-469

Paper 9. (223.) Posttranslational Mutagenesis: A Chemical Strategy for Exploring Protein Side-Chain Diversity, T.H. Wright, B.J. Bower, J.M. Chalker, G.J.L. Bernardes, R. Wiewiora, W-L. Ng, R. Raj, S. Faulkner, M.R.J. Vallée, A. Phanumartwiwath, O.D. Coleman, M-L. Thézénas, M. Khan, S.R.G. Galan, L. Lercher, M.W. Schombs, S. Gerstberger, M.E. Palm-Espling, A.J. Baldwin, B.M. Kessler, T.D.W. Claridge, S. Mohammed and B.G. Davis, Science, 2016, 354, 597 and aag1465.

Paper 10. (224.) Chemical Intervention in Plant Sugar-Signalling Increases Yield and Resilience, C.A. Griffiths, R. Sagar, Y. Geng, L.F. Primavesi, M.K. Patel, M.K. Passarelli, I.S. Gilmore, R.T. Steven, J. Bunch, M.J. Paul and B.G. Davis, Nature, 2016, 540, (7634), 574-578.

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