Enrico Coen - Selected publications#

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  • Sauret-Güeto, S., Schiessl, K., Bangham, A., Sablowski, R., Coen, E. (2013) JAGGED controls Arabidopsis petal growth and shape by interacting with a divergent polarity field in PLoS Biology 11. pp. e1001550
  • Kennaway, R., Coen, E., Green, A., Bangham, A., Gene Expression Regulation, Plant, Models, Biological (2011) Generation of diverse biological forms through combinatorial interactions between tissue polarity and growth in PLoS Computational Biology 7.
  • Green, A. A., Kennaway, J. R., Hanna, A. I., Bangham, J. A., Coen, E., Genes, Plant (2010) Genetic control of organ shape and tissue polarity in PLoS Biology 8. pp. e1000537
  • Feng, X., Wilson, Y., Bowers, J., Kennaway, R., Bangham, A., Hannah, A., Coen, E., Hudson, A. (2009) Evolution of allometry in antirrhinum in The Plant Cell 21. pp. 2999-3007
  • Whibley, A., Langlade, N., Andalo, C., Hanna, A., Bangham, A., Thebaud, C., Coen, E. (2007) Response to comment on "Evolutionary paths underlying flower color variation in Antirrhinum" in Science 315. pp. 461
  • Coen, E., Rolland-Lagan, A., Matthews, M., Bangham, J. A., Prusinkiewicz, P., Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental, Models, Theoretical (2004) The genetics of geometry in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101. pp. 4728-4735

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