Andrea Cavalleri - Selected Publications#


Total number of peer reviewed publications (since 1997): 77 Average citation per paper: 115
h index: 43 (google scholar), 39 (ISI)
m-index (h index/years after first publication): 2 (google scholar), 1.8 (ISI)
Highly cited papers (>100 citations): 24 (google scholar), 16 (ISI)
High-impact-journal publications: Nature (6); Science (2); Phys. Rev. Lett. (19); Nature Materials (5); Nature Physics (4); Nature Photonics (2);

The ten most relevant papers:

1) An effective magnetic field from optically driven phonons
T. Nova, A. Cartella, A. Cantaluppi, M. Foerst, D. Bossini, R.V. Mikhaylovskiy, A. Kimel, R. Merlin, A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics 13, 132 (2017).

2) Possible Light Induced Superconductivity in K3C60 at High temperature
M. Mitrano, A. Cantaluppi, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, A. Perucchi, S. Liupi, P.DiPietro, D. Pontiroli, M. Ricco’, S.R. Clark, D. Jaksch and A. Cavalleri , Nature 530, 461 (2016).

3) Parametric Amplification of a Superconducting Plasma Wave
S. Rajasekaran, E. Casandruc, Y. Laplace, D. Nicoletti, G.Gu, S.R. Clark, D. Jaksch and A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics 12, 1012 (2016).

4) Spatially resolved ultrafast magnetic dynamics launched at a complex-oxide hetero-interface
M. Först, A.D. Caviglia, R. Scherwitzl, R. Mankowsky, P. Zubko, V. Khanna, H. Bromberger, S.B. Wilkins,Y.-D. Chuang, W.S. Lee, W.F. Schlotter, J.J. Turner, G.L. Dakovski, M.P. Minitti, J. Robinson, S.R. Clark, D. Jaksch, J.-M. Triscone, J.P. Hill, S.S. Dhesi, and A. Cavalleri
Nature Materials 14, 883 (2015)

5) Nonlinear lattice dynamics as a basis for enhanced superconductivity in YBa2Cu3O6.5
R. Mankowsky, A. Subedi, M. Först, S.O. Mariager, M. Chollet, H. Lemke, J. Robinson, J. Glownia, M. Minitti, A. Frano, M. Fechner, N. A. Spaldin, T. Loew, B. Keimer, A. Georges and A. Cavalleri, Nature 516, 71 (2014)

6) Optically enhanced superconducting coherence in YBa2Cu3O6.5 by ultrafast redistribution of interlayer coupling
W. Hu, S. Kaiser, D. Nicoletti, C.R. Hunt, I. Gierz, M. C. Hoffmann, M. Le Tacon, T. Loew, B. Keimer, A. Cavalleri
Nature Materials 13, 705 (2014)

7) Snapshots of nonequilibrium Dirac Carrier Distributions in Graphene
I. Gierz, J.C. Petersen, M. Mitrano, C. Cacho, E. Turcu, E. Springate, A. Stöhr, A. Köhler, U. Starke, A. Cavalleri
Nature Materials 12, 1119 (2013)

8) Optical Excitation of Josephson Plasma Solitons in Cuprate Superconductors
A.Dienst, E. Casandruc, D. Fausti, L. Zhang, M. Eckstein, M. Hoffmann, V. Khanna, N. Dean, M. Gensch, S. Winnerl, W. Seidel, S. Pyon, T. Takayama, H. Takagi, A. Cavalleri, Nature Materials 12, 535 (2013)

9) Light-induced superconductivity in a stripe-ordered cuprate
D. Fausti, R.I. Tobey, S. Kaiser, M. Hoffman, N. Dean, T. Takayama, S. Pyon, H. Takagi, A. Cavalleri
Science 331, 6014 (2011)

10) Nonlinear Phononics: A New Route to Ultrafast Lattice Control
M. Foerst, Ch. Manzoni, S. Kaiser, Y. Tokura, Y. Tomioka, R. Merlin, A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics 7, 854 (2011)

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