Carlo Carraro - Selected Publications#

Bosetti, V., CARRARO, C., Duval, R. and M. Tavoni (2011), ‘What should we expect from innovation? A model-based assessment of the environmental and mitigation cost implications of climate-related R&D’, Energy Economics, 33 (2011) 1313–1320.

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CARRARO C., M. Gallo and M. Galeotti (1996), ‘Environmental Taxation and Unemployment: Some Evidence on the Double Dividend Hypothesis in Europe’, Journal of Public Economics, 6, 148-182.

CARRARO C., D. Siniscalco (1994), ‘Environmental Policy Re considered: The Role of Technological Innovation’, European Economic Review, 38(3-4), 545 554.

CARRARO C., D. Siniscalco (1993), ‘Strategies for the International Protection of the Environment’, Journal of Public Economics, 4, 1993

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Calliari S., C. CARRARO, D. Sartore (1985), ‘Instruments and Intermediate Targets of Monetary Policy’, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 1986, pp.175 184.

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