Artur Blaim - Selected Publications#

1. Utopian Visions and Revisions. Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main 2017. 285 pp.

2. Gazing in Useless Wonder. English Utopian Fictions 1516-1800. Peter Lang, Oxford 2013. 356 pp. (Four critical reviews)

3. Robinson Crusoe and His Doubles. Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main 2016. 212 pp. (3rd edition of Failed Dynamics. The English Robinsonade of the 18th Century - c. 100 citations)

4. Utopian Studies in Poland: a preliminary survey.” Utopian Studies Vol. 27, no. 2 (2016): 230-249.

5. A Conspiracy of the Rich”: Dystopianizing the Real in More’s Utopia. Utopian Studies Vol. 27 no. 3 (2016): 601-614.

6. (co-editor) Mediated Utopias: From Literature to Cinema. Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main 2015. 244 pp.

7. “In Praise of Imperfection: Shakespeare's Ambivalent (Anti)Utopianism.” in Anatomizing Theatre. Jerzy Limon, Agnieszka Żukowska (eds). Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo słowo/obraz terytoria, 2014, 48-60.

8. “Hell on a Hill. Reflections on anti-utopia and dystopia,” in Fatima Vieira (ed.) Dystopia Matters. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle 2013.

9. Spectres of Utopia. Theory, Practice, Conventions. Peter Lang. Frankfurt Am Main 2012. 296 pp.

10. "The Twain Shall Meet? Some Observations on Soviet Cultural Semiotics and Empirical Study of Literature and the Media", Poetics, vol. 21 (1992), 33-44.

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