Heike Behrens - Selected Publications#

1. Allen, Shanley & Behrens, Heike (in press). Insights into understanding human language from children’s acquisition of morphology and syntax. In: Peter Hagoort (Ed.), Human language: From genes and brains to behavior. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

2. Madlener, Karin, Skoruppa, Katrin & Behrens, Heike (2017). Gradual development of constructional complexity in German spatial language. Cognitive Linguistics 28(4), 757-798.

3. Behrens, Heike (2017). Analogy in first and second language acquisition. In: Hundt, Marianne, Mollin, Sandra, & Pfenninger, Simone (Eds.), The Changing English Language - Psycholinguistic Perspectives (pp. 215-239). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

4. Behrens, Heike, Madlener, Karin & Skoruppa, Katrin (2016). (Preschool) Language assessment from a usage-based perspective. In: Goschler, Juliana & Niemeier, Susanne (Eds.), Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association 2016: Volume 4 (pp. 237-259). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Mouton. Doi: 10.1515/gcla-2016-0015

5. Behrens, Heike & Pfänder, Stefan (Eds.) (2016). Frequency Effects in Language. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

6. Pfänder, Stefan & Behrens, Heike (2016). Experience counts. An introduction to frequency effects in language. In: Behrens, Heike & Stefan Pfänder (Eds.), Frequency Effects in Language (pp. 1-20). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

7. Behrens, Heike (2015). The acquisition of grammatical categories. In: Bavin,Edith & Naigles, Letitia (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language, 2nd Edition (pp. 250-270). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

8. Behrens, Heike (2015). „Sprachbewusstsein und Sprachgebrauch: Perspektiven der empirischen Linguistik“. In: Schmidlin, Regula, Behrens, Heike & Hans Bickel (Eds.), Sprachbewusstsein und Sprachgebrauch: Implikationen für die Sprachtheorie (pp. 1-16). Berlin: de Gruyter

9. Behrens, Heike, & Pfänder, Stefan (2013). Die Entstehung von Sprache. In Peter Auer (Ed.), Sprachwissenschaft: Grammatik - Interaktion - Kognition (pp. 319-346). Stuttgart, Weimar: J.B. Metzler

10. Behrens, Heike (2011). Cues to form and function in the acquisition of German number and case inflection. In Eve V. Clark & Inbal Arnon (Eds.), Experience, variation, and generalization: Learning a first language (pp. 35-51). (Trends in Language Acquisition Research). Amsterdam: Benjamins

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