Francesco Becattini - Selected publications#

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8. F. Becattini, J. Cleymans, A. Keranen, E. Suhonen and K. Redlich, "Features of particle multiplicities and strangeness production in central heavy ion collisions between 1.7A-GeV/c and 158A-GeV/c", Phys. Rev. C 64 (2001) 024901 (285 cites)

9. F. Becattini and U. W. Heinz, "Thermal hadron production in p p and p anti-p collisions", Z. Phys. C 76 (1997) 269 (255 cites)

10. F. Becattini, "A Thermodynamical approach to hadron production in e+ e- collisions", Z. Phys. C 69 (1996) 485 (248 cites)

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