Viviane Baladi - Selected Publications#

1) V. Baladi, M. Demers, and C. Liverani, Exponential decay of correlations for finite horizon Sinai billiard flows, Invent. Math. 211 (2018) 39–177.

This paper solves a long-standing problem in hyperbolic dynamics concerning the so called Lorentz billiard flow with finite horizon on a two-dimensional torus. It is a very deep and significant result with a highly nontrivial proof.

2) V. Baladi, M. Benedicks, and D. Schnellmann, Whitney-Holder continuity of the SRB measure for transversal families of smooth unimodal maps, Invent. Math. 201 (2015) 773–844.

After considerable previous work on the subject by Baladi with various coauthors, the last mentioned paper succeeds to obtain a remarkable continuity property of a family of invariant probability measures associated to the family of unimodal maps. This is another striking piece of work.

3) V. Baladi, Dynamical Zeta Functions and Dynamical Determinants for Hyperbolic Map, a Functional Approach, 2018 Springer Ergebnisse.

Baladi made fundamental contributions to the theory of transfer operators and zeta functions. This theory has many applications to algorithmics, linear response and the violation thereof, and rates of mixing for Sinai billiards.

4) V. Baladi and C. Liverani, Exponential decay of correlations for piecewise cone hyperbolic contact flows, Comm. Math. Phys. 314 (2012) 689–773.

5) V. Baladi and S. Goüezel, Banach spaces for piecewise cone hyperbolic maps, J. Modern Dyn. 4 (2010) 91–137.

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