Alain Aspect - Selected publications#

1. Aspect A., Grangier P., Roger G., Phys. Rev. Lett., 47 (1981) p.460: "Experimental tests of realistic local theories via Bell's theorem"

2. Aspect A., Grangier P., Roger G., Phys. Rev. Lett., 49 (1982) p.91: "Experimental realization of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen gedankenexperiment; a new violation of Bell's inequalities"

3. Aspect A., Dalibard J., Roger G., Phys. Rev. Lett., 49 (1982) p.1804: "Experimental test of bell's inequalities using time-varying analyzers" .

4. Aspect A., Arimondo E., Kaiser R., Vansteenkiste N., Cohen-Tannoudji C., phys. Rev. Lett., 61 (1988) p.826: "Laser cooling below the one-photon recoil energy by velocity-selective coherent population trapping"

5. Grangier P., Roger G., Aspect A., Europhys. Lett., 1 (1986) p.173-179: "Experimental evidence for a photon anticorrelation effect on a beam splitter: a new light on single-photon interferences"

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10. T. Jeltes, J. M. McNamara, W. Hogervorst, W. Vassen, V. Krachmalnicoff, M. Schellekens, A. Perrin, H. Chang, D. Boiron, A. Aspect, and C. I. Westbrook,

Comparison of the Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect for bosons and fermions, Nature 445 (2007) 402.

11. Perrin, H. Chang, V. Krachmalnicoff, M. Schellekens, D. Boiron, A. Aspect, and C. I. Westbrook, Observation of atom pairs in spontaneous four-wave mixing of two colliding Bose-Einstein condensates, Physical Review Letters 99 (2007)

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13. J. Billy, V. Josse, Z. C. Zuo, A. Bernard, B. Hambrecht, P. Lugan, D. Clement, L. Sanchez-Palencia, P. Bouyer, and A. Aspect, Direct observation of Anderson localization of matter waves in a controlled disorder, Nature 453 (2008) 891.

14. G. Grynberg, A. Aspect, C. Fabre, “An Introduction to Quantum Optics: From the Semi-classical Approach to Quantized Light” (revised with help of F.Bretenaker and A. Browaeys), 2010, Cambridge University Press.

15. F. Bardou, J.-P. Bouchaud, A. Aspect and C. Cohen-Tannoudji, « Lévy Statistics and Laser Cooling: How Rare Events Bring Atoms to Rest », Cambridge University Press (2002).

16. Aspect, author of the chapter “Bell‟s theorem: the naïve view of an experimentalist”, in “Quantum unspeakables, from Bell to Quantum information”, R.A. Bertlmann and A. Zeilinger edit. (Springer 2002). Available at .

17. Aspect, “John Bell and the second quantum revolution”: introduction to the second edition of “Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics”, J.S. Bell, Cambridge University Press (2004).

18. Aspect, co-author of “Demain la Physique”, (ed. O. Jacob 2004; revised 2009), and in particular of the chapter: « Une nouvelle révolution quantique ».

19. Aspect and P. Grangier, « De l‟article d‟Einstein Podolsky et Rosen à l‟information quantique » in « Einstein aujourd‟hui », CNRS EDITIONS-EDP Sciences (2005).

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