Silvia Arber - Selected publications#

Esposito, M.S., Capelli, P., and Arber, S. (2014). Brainstem nucleus MdV mediates skilled forelimb motor tasks. Nature, published online Feb 2, 2014.

Pivetta, C., Esposito, M.S., Sigrist, M., and Arber, S. (2014). Motor-circuit communication matrix from spinal cord to brainstem neurons revealed by developmental origin. Cell, 156, 537-548.

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Tripodi, M., Stepien, A.E., and Arber, S. (2011). Motor antagonism exposed by spatial segregation and timing of neurogenesis. Nature, 479, 61-66.

Stepien, A.E., Tripodi, M., and Arber, S. (2010). Monosynaptic rabies virus reveals premotor network organization and synaptic specificity of cholinergic partition cells. Neuron, 68, 456-472.

Pecho-Vrieseling, E., Sigrist, M., Yoshida, Y., Jessell, T.M., and Arber, S. (2009). Specificity of sensory-motor connections encoded by Sema3e-PlexinD1 recognition. Nature, 459, 842-846.

Hippenmeyer, S., Huber, R.M., Ladle, D.R., Murphy, K., and Arber, S. (2007). ETS transcription factor Erm controls subsynaptic gene expression in skeletal muscles. Neuron, 55, 726-740.

Vrieseling, E., and Arber, S. (2006). Target-induced transcriptional control of dendritic patterning and connectivity in motor neurons by the ETS gene Pea3. Cell, 127, 1439-1452.

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