Mehmet Celal Özdogan - Selected publications#

1) Özdoğan,M., H.Parzinger (eds) (2012)
Die frühbronzezeitliche Siedlung von Kanligeçit bei Kirklareli, Archäologie in Eurasiens , Studien im Thrakien-Marmara raum Band 4, Verlag Phillip von Zabern, Mainz.

2) Özdoğan, M. 2012
“An Anatolian Perspective on the Neolithization Process in the Balkans. New Questions, New Prospects”, R. Krauß (ed.) Beginnings - New Research in the Appearance of the Neolithic between Northwest Anatolia and the Carpathian Basin: 23-33. Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, Rahden/Westf

3) Özdoğan, M. 2012
“Reading the Mounds: Problems, Alternative Trajectories and Biases”, R. Hofmann, F.-K. Moetz and J. Müller (eds.) Tells: Social and Environmental Space (Proceedings of the International Workshop “Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 12,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes II, 14st-18th March 2011” in Kiel): 19-32. Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt, Bonn.

4) Özdoğan, M. 2011
“Archaeological Evidence on the Westward Expansion of Farming Communities from Eastern Anatolia to the Aegean and the Balkans”, Current Anthrolology 52: 415-430.

5) Algan, O., N. Yalçin, M. Özdoğan et al. 2011
“Holocene coastal change in the ancient harbor of Yenikapi–İstanbul and its impact on cultural history”, Quaternary Research 76: 30-45.

6) Özdoğan, M. 2011
“Submerged Sites and Drowned Topographies along the Anatolian Coasts: an overview”, J.Benjamin, C.Bonsall, C.Pickard and A.Fischer (eds.) Submerged Prehistory: 219-229. Oxbow Books, Oxford.

7) Özdoğan, M. 2011
“Eastern Thrace: The Contact Zone Between Anatolia and the Balkans”, S. Steadman and G. McMahon (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia Ch. 29: 657-682. Oxford.

8) Özdoğan, M. 2010
“Westward Expansion of the Neolithic Way of Life: Sorting the Neolithic Package into Distinct Packages”, P. Matthiae et al. (eds.) Near Eastern Archaeology in the Past, Present and Future. Heritage and Identity, Volume 1 “Sapienza” - Università di Roma): 883-897. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden.

9) Özdoğan, M. 2008
"An Alternative Approach in Tracing Changes in Demographic Composition: The Westward Expansion of the Neolithic Way of Life", J. Bocquet-Appel and O. Bar-Yosef (eds.) The Neolithic Demographic Transition and its Consequences: 139-178. Springer, Heidelberg.

10) Evershed, R.P., M. Özdoğan et al. 2008
"Earliest date for milk use in the Near East and southeastern Europe linked to cattle herding", Nature 7180: 1-4.
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