Cormac Ó Gráda - Selected Publications#

Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce: A Socioeconomic History (Princeton, 2006) [ACIS prize for best work of non-fiction 2006; universally praised study of Ireland's Jewish community in its heyday; see e.g. Jewish History (2007) 22[3]]: 321-324; Historian (2008) 70[2]] 384-385]]; Economic History Review, (2007) 60(3): 610-612.

Famine: A Short History (Princeton, 2009; Italian translation, 2011) [widely praised, Italian translation 2010: see e.g.;; Economic History Review, The Economic History Review (2010) 63[2]: 564–565]

Black '47 and Beyond: the Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory (Princeton, 1999) [winner of ACIS prize for best work of non-fiction 2000; 96 citations on Google Scholar]

(with Bruce Campbell) 'Harvest Shortfalls, Grain Prices, and Famines in Preindustrial England', Journal of Economic History, (2011) 71:4, 859-886.

'The last major Irish bank failure before 2008', Financial History Review, available online January 2012.

(with Morgan Kelly) 'Market Contagion: Evidence from the Panics of 1854 and 1857'. American Economic Review, (2000) 90(5): 1110–1124 [86 citations on Google Scholar].

(with Richard Paping and Eric Vanhaute). When the Potato Failed. Causes and Effects of the Last European Subsistence Crisis, 1845-1850 (Brepols, 2006).

'Making famine history'. Journal of Economic Literature, 45(1): 5–38 [47 citations on Google Scholar].

(with Morgan Kelly) 'The preventive check in medieval and early modern England', Journal of Economic History, 72(4) (2012)

Ireland: A New Economic History (Oxford, 1994) [153 citations on Google Scholar; pioneering and influential, still widely cited]]
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