“Open Session on EASAC’s Report on Neonicotinoids and their Substitutes in Sustainable Pest Control”#

EASAC's latest report on Neonicotinoids is presented to the public at a launch event at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the AE Budapest Hub#

Date: 29 March 2023, 10:00-12:00 hrs (CET)
Venue: Palace of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as well as online via live streaming on MTA’s YouTube Channel

EASAC, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the AE Budapest Knowledge Hub are co-organizing an open session on EASAC’s report “Neonicotinoids and their substitutes in sustainable pest control”. The report comes after an original report on a similar subject released in 2015, and it now summarizes the results of research accumulated over recent years. It is EASAC's Environment Steering Panel that has been in charge of the preparation of the report. The event will be held in Budapest, at the headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Széchenyi István tér 9, 1051 Budapest, Reading Room, 1st floor), on 29 March 2023, between 10:00-12:00 hrs (CET). EASAC’s “Neonics” project, according to the organization’s website, is issued at a point in time where “(d)ebate is underway on the sustainable use of pesticides, on how to evaluate the environmental risk of existing and new pesticides, and on adapting regulations with the European Green Deal, Farm to Fork, and Biodiversity strategies”. (Source: https://easac.eu/publications/details/neonicotinoids-and-their-substitutes-in-sustainable-pest-control).

At the open session, EASAC’s experts will deliver presentations about the report which was released on 28 February 2023. The presentations will be followed by invited comments from Hungarian experts and a roundtable discussion. The session will be moderated by the Hungarian science journalist István Palugyai.

The audience are welcome to attend in person at the venue, but the event will also be streamed live at the Hungarian Academy’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MTA1825


10:00-10:10 GreetingsProfessor György Kosztolányi, Vice-President of MTA and Professor Lars Walløe, Chair of EASAC’s Environment Steering Panel

10:10-10:30 The process of EASAC report preparationLars Walløe, Chair of EASAC’s Environment Steering Panel

10:30-11:00 Presentation of the “Neonics” ReportMike Norton, Programme Director, EASAC

11:00-11:30 Invited comments by:

  • Professor Ervin Balázs, Member of MTA, Section President of MTA’s Section of Agricultural Sciences
  • Professor László Hornok, Member of MTA, Professor Emeritus at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Professor András Székács, Doctor of MTA, member of the Expert Group

11:30-11:50 Round-table discussion, Q&A

11:50-12:00 Wrap-up and closing of the sessionProfessor Lars Walløe and Professor György Kosztolányi

Registration to the event
Download the invitation(info).




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