Futures4Europe Platform and the Ukraine war and its implications#

The Futures4Europe's foresight study to support the 2nd Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe established a platform to promote the results of the project and engage with stakeholders and citizens. The study aims to explore future changes in the global and European context for EU R&I policy, including developments in science, technology and innovation and capture those trends and aspects that could affect Europe’s ability to achieve its policy goals.

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The study uses challenges on the https://www.futures4europe.org platform to stimulate engagement and conversation. A challenge on the Ukraine war and its implications has been launched, walking the reader through different scenarios and prompting the reader to reply to a series of questions. The responses will be used by the foresight study as data. Participants, should they wish, can also engage in a public conversation on the platform.

We invite you to check it out, participate and support our study The Ukraine War and its Implications - Futures4Europe.

For more information, please contact our Foresight team: RTD-FORESIGHT@ec.europa.eu


Due to the current events of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we created a challenge to provoke thought and foster conversation. The challenge is to read a collection of articles and summaries of multiple scenarios compiled from futurists' communities and media and to answer some questions after each section. Finally, you can join the ongoing conversation in a discussion group.

The articles and scenarios are listed chronologically, beginning with publications before the war started, followed by possible scenarios of how the war could end or spread. Aside from the scenarios on how the war will end, there are some important concerns with the “after the war” situation, possibilities and structures. Of particular importance is the planetary crisis, but there may be other areas and issues. We hope to develop such scenarios based on the input we receive from this challenge.

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