Criteria for submission of a nomination to the Board list#

Candidates that might be included into such a list could include:

  • scholars who might for unknown reasons have been overlooked;
  • or sometime scholars who by virtue of their having changed [career] direction at some time in the past, might have moved out of frontline research and into otherwise high profile administrative, political or other occupations that were still closely allied to Higher Education and Research and who because of these factors might have similarly been overlooked, even where past academic achievements were of acceptable quality;
  • or high profile persons who may be internationally recognised for popular cultural works that nonetheless have (substantial) scholarly merit, but who might not per se, be associated with traditional mainstream academic positions
  • Candidates referred to the Board by the Classes, and that were nominated in the standard way but where no agreement could be reached, or where there were technical or other issues preventing an objective assessment to be reached).

All Board list candidates should be people who through their association with the Academia, will bring prestige and benefit additional to that associated with highest levels of international scholarship.

All such candidates should be nominated in the normal way using the online form and selecting the Board list in the drop down Section lists.

These nominations will be assessed through Classes and recommendations put to the Board of trustees who will then decide on their suitability for election. Nominations through the Board list procedure may be received at any time.

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