Ole-Andreas Rognstad - Selected Publications#

Linking: A Gordian Knot of Copyright law, In Gunnar Karnell et al.: Liber Amicorum Jan Rosén. Eddy.se.ab (2016) pp. 679-692

Restructuring the Economic Rights in Copyright - Some Reflections on an "Alternative Model". 62(4) Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A (2015), pp 503-544

Intellectual Property Law, In Carl Baudenbacher (ed.), The Handbook of EEA Law. Springer (2015), Part X Further Areas of Economic Law, pp 703-720

Legally Flawed But Politically Sound? Digital Exhaustion of Copyright in Europe after UsedSoft. 1(1) Oslo Law Review (2014), pp 1-19

God skikk. Om bruk av litteratur og kilder i allmenne historiske fremtillinger (Fair Practice. Use of literature and sources in popular historic publications), co-authored with Johan Tønneson, Anne Hilde Nagel and Hallstein Laupsa, Institutt for privatrett, Skriftserie 192 (2013), 195 pp

The multiplicity of territorial IP rights and its impact on competition, In Jan Rosén (ed.), Individualism and Collectiveness in Intellectual Property Law. Edward Elgar Publishing (2012). Chapter 3, pp 55-68

Søkemotorer på Internett i opphavsrettslig belysning (Search Engines on the Internet in Light of Copyright Law), co-authored with Jon Bing, Nordiskt Immateriellt Rättskydd (2012) pp 345-374

EØS-rett (EEA Law), 3rd ed, co-authored with Fredrik Sejersted, Finn Arnesen and Olav Kolstad, chpts 15-17 (on free movement of goods), Universitetsforlaget (2011), 622 pp

Opphavsrett (Copyright Law), Universitetsforlaget (2009), 431 pp

The exhaustion/competition interface in EC law - is there room for a holistic approach?. In: Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Competition Law. Edward Elgar Publishing (2008) pp 427-450

Spredning av verkseksemplar. Om konsumpsjon av rettigheter i eksemplar av vernede åndsverk (Distribution of Copies of Copyrighted Works. On Exhaustion of Rights), Cappelen Akademisk Forlag (1999), 751 pp

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