Julia Metag - Selected Publications#

1. Takahashi, B., Metag, J., Thaker, JT, & Evans Comfort, S. (Eds., in print, 2021): Handbook of International Trends in Environmental Communication. Routledge.

2. Gurr, G. & Metag, J. (2021): Examining Avoidance of Ongoing Political Issues in the News: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Audience Issue Fatigue. International Journal of Communication, 15, 1789–1809.

3. Metag J. (2020). What drives science media use? Predictors of media use for infor- mation about science and research in digital information environments. Public Understanding of Science, 29(6), 561-578.

4. Metag J. (2020). Tension between visibility and invisibility: Science communication in new information environments. Studies in Communication Sciences, 1-16.

5. Rauchfleisch, A., & Metag, J. (2020). Beyond normalization and equalization on Twitter. Politicians’ Twitter use during non-election times and influences of media attention. Journal of Journalism & Media Studies, 9(2), 169-189.

6. Koch, C., Saner, M., Schäfer, M. S., Herrmann-Giovanelli, I., & Metag, J. (2020). "Space means Science, unless it's about Star Wars": A qualitative assessment of science communication audience segments. Public Understanding of Science, 29(2), 157–175.

7. Füchslin, T., Schäfer, M. S., & Metag, J. (2019). Who wants to be a citizen scientist? Identifying the potential of citizen science and target segments in Switzerland. Public Understanding of Science, 28(6), 652–668.

8. Arlt, D., Dalmus, C., & Metag, J. (2019). Direct and Indirect Effects of Involvement on Hostile Media Perceptions in the Context of the Refugee Crisis in Germany and Switzerland. Mass Communication & Society, 22(2), 171-195.

9. Metag, J., Maier, M., Füchslin, T., Bromme, L., & Schäfer, M.S. (2018). Between Active Seekers and Non-Users. Segments of Science-Related Media Usage in Switzerland and Germany. Environmental Communication, 12(8), 1077-1094.

10. Füchslin, T., Schäfer, M.S., & Metag, J. (2018). A Short Survey Instrument to Segment Populations According to Their Attitudes Toward Science. Scale Development and Assessment. Environmental Communication, 12(8), 1095-1108

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