Xavier Le Roux - Curriculum Vitae#

Full CV

Born: Oct. 1967
Number of peer-reviewed articles in international journals: over 150
h factor: 56 (WoS) or 68 (GoogleScholar) ; >11,000 citations (WoS) or >17,100 citations (GoogleScholar)


Roles in science programming and evaluation (international & national):
  • Key role in the development of the European Research Area on biodiversity and ecosystem services as Chair & Coordinator of the 'BiodivERsA Partnership' European network (2008-2022) ==> Visit http://www.biodiversa.org
  • Member of several scientific boards at the national/international level, including the committee «Environment and biological resources» of ANR (2008-2017), an evaluation panel for the European Commission H2020 programme (2019), the scientific board of the biodiversity programme of NWO - The Netherlands (2010), two scientific evaluation panels for Centres of Excellence for AEI (Spain)(2019 & 2020), two panels for the NWO program on large research infrastructures (2017-18 & 2019-20), an evaluation panel for the Romanian UEFISCDI (2021-22), two evaluation panels for the Portugese FCT (2021 & 2022).
  • Member of the 'Biodiversity' committee of the French AllEnvi (2010-15) and the French committee for global change research CNFCG (2011-)
  • External evaluator for scientific proposals at national and international levels (SNSF (Switzerland), AEI/MINECO (Spain), NWO (Netherlands), FWF (Austria), Nat. Sci. Eng. Res. Council (Canada), USA-Israel BARD programme, Czech Science Foundation, ESF (Europe), ANR and IFB (France))
  • Member of the Development Team of the Natural Assets Knowledge-Action Network of Future Earth (2017-)
  • Member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board for LifeWatch ERIC (2019-2022)
  • Development of links between biodiversity scientists and stakeholders as Director of FRB (2008-2012), a foundation set up in 2008 to bring together public research bodies, the corporate sector involved in biodiversity management, environmental organizations, and business
    ==> Visit http://www.fondationbiodiversite.fr
  • Academic Editor of PeerJ since 2018 (https://peerj.com/XLeRoux/)

European projects over the last 10 years:
  • 5 European projects as coordinator (including BiodivERsA3 - 2015-2022 ; and BiodivScen - 2017-2023)
  • 3 European projects as participant (ongoing: H2020 project REST-COAST 2021-2026)

Training to research:
Supervision of 16 Masters, 13 PhD, and 9 Postdoctoral fellows

  • Lead author for one of the chapters of the IPBES assessment for Europe and Central Asia (2015-) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330514117_Status_trends_and_future_dynamics_of_biodiversity_and_ecosystems_underpinning_nature's_contributions_to_people
  • Scientific leader of a national scientific expertise on ‘Agriculture and biodiversity’: Le Roux X. et al. (Eds) 2008. Agriculture and biodiversity: promoting synergies. QUAE, 75 pp ==> Have a look at http://institut.inra.fr/en/Missions/Inform-public-decision-making/Scientific-Expert-Reports/All-the-news/Agriculture-and-Biodiversity
  • 2 books co-edited (2006-Springer; 2012-Quae)
  • Participation to 4 scientific movies
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