Frank Hawthorne - Selected Publications#

Nomenclature of amphiboles: Leake, BE; Woolley, AR; Arps, CES; Hawthorne,FC et al. (1997) Canad. Mineral. 35, 219-246. 4233 cites.

The crystal chemistry of hexavalent uranium: Burns, PC; Ewing, RC; Hawthorne, FC (1997) Canad. Mineral. 35, 1551-1570. 826 cites.

The crystal chemistry of the amphiboles. Hawthorne, FC (1983) Canad. Mineral. 21, 173-480. 335 cites.

Classification of the minerals of the tourmaline group. Hawthorne, FC; Henry, DJ (1999) Eur. J. Mineral. 11, 201-215. 538 cites.

Nomenclature of the tourmaline-supergroup minerals. Henry, DJ.; Novak, M; Hawthorne, FC et al. (2011) Amer. Mineral.: 96, 895-913. 403 cites.

The crystal chemistry of sulphate minerals: Hawthorne, FC, Krivovichev, SV, Burns, PC (2000) Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry 40, 1-112. 324 cites.

Comprehensive derivation of bond-valence parameters for ion pairs involving oxygen. Gagne, OC; Hawthorne, FC (2015) Acta Cryst. B 71, 562-578. 224 cites.

Structural mechanisms for light-element variation in tourmaline. Hawthorne, FC (2002) Canad. Mineral. 40, 789-797 173 cites.

XPS spectra of uranyl minerals and synthetic uranyl compounds. I: The U 4f spectrum. Schindler, M.; Hawthorne, F. C.; Freund, M. S.; et al. (2009) Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 73, 2471-2487. 72 cites.

Structural aspects of oxide and oxysalt crystals. Hawthorne, F.C. (1994) Acta Cryst. B50, 481-510. 173 cites.

Detection and discrimination of sulfate minerals using reflectance spectroscopy. Cloutis, EA, Hawthorne, FC et al.(2006) Icarus 121-157. 263 cites.

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