Hans van Bokhoven - Curriculum Vitae#

Professional status: Full professor of Neurogenetics. PI and Group Leader Radboudumc and Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

  • 1987 - MSc in Agricultural Sciences (Engineer), Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • 1993 - PhD (Molecular Biology), Wageningen University, Netherlands

Scientific production
  • H-index (Web of Science): 70
  • 290 articles with >14,500 total citations
  • >100 invited conferences and seminars
  • Obtained >20 m€ research funding from competitive grants since 1994
  • Coordinator of EU collaborative projects: Euro-MRX, GENCODYS, IMPACT

Domain of research

After finishing his PhD research on viral RNA replication, Hans started his career in Genetics as postdoc at Radboudumc. The focus of his research was initially on the elucidation of the molecular basis of various monogenic disorders. This has led to the elucidation of numerous genetic disorders, leading to landmark publications in the field reported in top journals as Nature Genetics and Cell. A major breakthrough was the elucidation of the cause of a number of syndromic and nonsyndromic disorders characterized by ectodermal dysplasia, split hand/foot malformation and cleft lip-palate by mutation in p63. Other disorders resolved by him include Robinow syndrome (ROR2), Feingold syndrome (MYCN), Walker-Warburg syndrome (>10 genes), Möbius syndrome (3 genes) and >50 genes for X-linked and autosomal types of intellectual disability (ID). Since 2010 he is heading the Molecular Neurogenetics Unit. The key goal is to reveal novel neurobiological concepts by resolving the genetic and epigenetic networks that are disrupted in neurodevelopmental disorders, including ID, autism, and epilepsy. The team uses a multi‐level strategy that combines clinical genetics, molecular & cellular neurobiological approaches, such as the generation and characterization of in vitro (primary neurons and hiPSC-derived human neural cells) and in vivo model organisms (Drosophila, mouse). We aim to integrate fundamental neurobiological research with clinical applications and personalized medicine. In particular, our expertise in the generation of patient-derived neural lineages and their neurophysiological analysis at single cell and network level is setting the stage in this novel research field.

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