Gabriel Waksman - Selected publications#

193 papers published (including 13 in Nature/Science/Cell); H-index 56, average citations per paper: 55

*indicates corresponding author

1. H.H. Low, F. Gubellini, A. Rivera-Calzada, N. Braun, S. Connery, A. Dugeancourt, F. Lu, A. Redzej, R. Fronzes*, E.V. Orlova*, and G. Waksman* (2014). Structure of a Type IV Secretion System. Nature. 508:550-553.

2. S. Geibel, E. Procko, S.J. Hultgren, D. Baker*, and G. Waksman* (2013). Structure and energetic basis of folded protein transport by the FimD usher. Nature. 496:243-246.

3. G. Phan, H. Remaut, T. Wang, W. Allen, K. Pirker, A. Lebedev, N. Henderson, S. Geibel, E. Volkan, J. Yan, M. Kunze, J. Pinkner, B. Ford, C. Kay, H. Li, S. Hultgren, D. Thanassi*, and G. Waksman* (2011). Crystal structure of the FimD usher bound to its cognate FimC:FimH substrate. Nature. 474:49-53. (cited 41 times)

4. Chandran, R. Fronzes, S. Duquerroy, N. Cronin, J. Navaza, and G. Waksman* (2009). Crystal structure of the outer membrane complex of a type IV secretion system. Nature. 462:1011-1015. (cited 90 times)

5. R. Fronzes, E. Schaefer, H. Saibil, E. Orlova and G. Waksman* (2009). Structure of type IV secretion core complex. Science. 323:266-268. (cited 97 times)

6. H. Remaut, C. Tang, N.S. Henderson, J.S. Pinkner, T. Wang, S.J. Hultgren*, D.G. Thanassi*, G. Waksman*, H. Li* (2008). Fiber Formation Across the Bacterial Outer Membrane by the Chaperone/Usher Pathway. Cell. 133:640-652.
First author (H. Remaut) member of the Waksman lab (cited 98 times)

7. H. Remaut, R.J. Rose, T.J. Hannan, S.J. Hultgren, S.E. Radford, A.E. Ashcroft, and G. Waksman* (2006). Donor-strand exchange in chaperone-assisted pilus assembly proceeds through a concerted β-strand displacement mechanism. Molecular Cell. 22: 831-842. (cited 77 times)

8. F. G. Sauer, J. Pinkner, G. Waksman*, and S.J.Hultgren (2002) Chaperone Priming of Pilus Subunit Facilitates a Topological Transition that Drives Fiber Formation. Cell. 111:543-51. (Waksman sole corresponding author) (cited 161 times)

9- K.W. Dodson, J.S. Pinkner, T. Rose, G. Magnusson, S.J. Hultgren*, and G. Waksman* (2001). Structural Basis of Tropism of Pyelonephritic E. coli for the Human Kidney. Cell. 105:733–743 (cited 125 times)

10- 11. F.G. Sauer, K. Fütterer, J.S. Pinkner, K.W. Dodson, S.J. Hultgren*, and G. Waksman* (1999). Structural basis of chaperone function and pilus biogenesis. Science. 285:1058-1061 (cited 257 times)
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