Lloyd Nicholas Trefethen - Selected Publications#

Trefethen L.N., Embree M.. Spectra and pseudospectra: the behavior of nonnormal matrices and operators. Princeton University Press; 2005, (1390 citations in google scholar)

Nakatsukasa Y., Sete O., Trefethen L. N., The AAA algorithm for rational approximation, SIAM J. Sci. Comp. 40 (2018), A1494-A1522.

Trefethen LN. Approximation theory and approximation practice. SIAM Publications; 2013, (593 citations in google scholar)

Trefethen L.N., Trefethen A.E., Reddy S.C., Driscoll T.A., Hydrodynamic stability without eigenvalues. Science. 261(5121):578-84, 1993, (1572 citations in google scholar)

Gopal A., Trefethen LN., New Laplace and Helmholtz Solvers, Proc. Nat. Acad. USA, 116 (2019), 10223.

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