Folke Tersman - Biography#

Tersman received his Ph.D. 1993 at Stockholm University but part of his graduate studies was spent at Cornell University. Before his appointment to the chair in practical philosophy at Uppsala University, he was associate professor of philosophy at the University of Auckland, NZ (2005-2007), and professor (2003-2005), research fellow (1995-2000) and associate professor (2000-2001) at Stockholm University. He also was acting professor of practical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg (2002-2003), a visiting fellow at the Research School of Social Sciences, ANU (1999.11-2000.02), and a visiting professor at the University of Sydney (2014.07-2015.06).

His main research contributions concern the meta-ethical implications of moral diversity, and his most important publication is the book Moral Disagreement (Cambridge UP, 2006, reprinted 2009, 2011). However, he has also addressed other topics, in epistemology, philosophy of language and political philosophy.

The journals in which his work is published include such prestigious outlets as Australasian Journal of Philosophy, dialectica, Noûs, Philosophical Studies, Philosophical Quarterly, Synthese and Erkenntnis.

As for his non-research activities, he has an extensive experience of assessment work for funding agencies and journals, university administration, and public outreach efforts, for example through being an associate dean at Uppsala University, a member of the Scientific Council for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Swedish Research Council, and the Deputy Director of the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm.

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