Sergei Tatevosov - Selected Publications#

Tatevosov S. (2020). On the Temporal Structure of Nonculminating Accomplishments. Linguistics (accepted). [research paper] GS: N/A.

Lyutikova E., Tatevosov S. (2019). On the Structure of Russian Relative Clauses. Zeitschrift fur Slavische Philologie. Vol 75, № 1, pp. 65-94 [research paper] GS: 0

Tatevosov S. (2019). Aspects of Slavic-style Aspect [in Russian]. Voprosy jazykoznanija, № 2, pp. 47-81 [research paper]. GS: 0

Tatevosov S et al. (2017). Tatar in a typological perspective: The Mishar dialect [in Russian]. Moscow: Buki Vedi [monograph] GS: 0

Lyutikova E., Tatevosov S. (2016). Nominalization and the problem of indirect access: Evidence from Ossetian. Linguistic Review, vol. 33, № 3, pp. 321-363 [research paper]. GS: 5

Iatridou S., Tatevosov S. (2016). Our even. Linguistics and Philosophy, vol. 39, № 4, pp. 295-331 [research paper]. GS: 24

Tatevosov S. (2016). Verb classes and a typology of actionality [in Russian]. Moscow: Jazyki Slavianskikh Kultur [monograph] GS: 11

Tatevosov S. (2015). Verb meaning and event structure [in Russian]. Moscow: Jazyki Slavianskikh Kultur [monograph] GS: 2

Lyutikova E., Tatevosov S. (2014). Causativization and event structure. In Causation in Grammatical Structures, edited by Bridget Copley and Fabienne Martin. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 279-327 [research paper].. GS: 20

Tatevosov S. (2013). Multiple prefixation and Russian verb [in Russian]. Voprosy jazykoznanija, №3б pp. 42-89 [research paper]. GS: 32.

Tatevosov S. (2011). Severing Perfectivity from the Verb. Scando-Slavica, vol. 57, №2, pp. 216-244 [research paper]. GS: 28

Tatevosov S., Ivanov M. (2009). Event Structure of non-culminating accomplishments. In Tense-Aspect-Mood systems cross-linguistically, edited by Lotte Hogeweg, Helen de Hoop and Andrej Malchukov. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 83-130 [research paper]. GS: 45

Tatevosov S. (2002). The parameter of actionality. Linguistic typology, vol. 6, №3, pp. 317-401 [research paper]. GS: 188

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Total number of citations on GS: 1495 (745 since 2015)
h-index: 20 (15 since 2015)
i10-index: 35 (21 since 2015)

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