André Syrota - Selected Publications#

• Syrota A, Comar D, Cerf M, Plummer D, Mazière M, Kellershohn C. [11C] methionine pancreatic scanning with positron emission computed tomography. J Nucl Med 20(7): 778-81, 1979.

• Syrota A, Pascal O, Crouzel M, Kellershohn C. Pulmonary extraction of C-11 chlorpromazine, measured by residue detection in man. J Nucl Med 22(2): 145-8, 1981.

• Syrota A, Duquesnoy N, Paraf A, Kellershohn C. The role of positron emission tomography in the detection of pancreatic disease. Radiology 143(1): 249-53, 1982.

• Syrota A, Girault M, Pocidalo JJ, Yudilevich DL. Endothelial uptake of amino acids, sugars, lipids, and prostaglandins in rat lung. Am J Physiol 243(1): C20-6, 1982.

• Syrota A, Collard P, Paraf A. Comparison of 11C-L-methionine uptake by the parotid gland and pancreas in chronic pancreatitis studied by positron emission tomography. Gut 24(7): 637-41, 1983.

• Syrota A, Comar D, Paillotin G, Davy JM, Aumont MC, Stulzaft O, Maziere B. Muscarinic cholinergic receptor in the human heart evidenced under physiological conditions by positron emission tomography. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 82(2): 584-8, 1985.

• Syrota A. In vivo investigation of myocardial perfusion, metabolism and receptors by positron emission tomography. Int J Microcirc Clin Exp 8(4): 411-22, 1989. Review.

• Jehenson P, Duboc D, Bloch G, Fardeau M, Syrota A. Diagnosis of muscular glycogenosis by in vivo natural abundance 13C NMR spectroscopy. Neuromuscul Disord 1(2): 99-101, 1991.

• Pappata S, Levasseur M, Gunn RN, Myers R, Crouzel C, Syrota A, Jones T, Kreutzberg GW, Banati RB. Thalamic microglial activation in ischemic stroke detected in vivo by PET and [11C] PK1195. Neurology 10; 55(7): 1052-4, 2000.

• Pappata S, Dehaene S, Poline JB, Gregoire MC, Jobert A, Delforge J, Frouin V, Bottlaender M, Dolle F, Di Giamberardino L, Syrota A. In vivo detection of striatal dopamine release during reward: a PET study with [(11)C]raclopride and a single dynamic scan approach. Neuroimage 16(4): 1015-27, 2002.

Syrota's scientiic publications number 194 with an h-index of 49 and nearly 40 citations on average per peer-reviewed output. This is compatible with high achievement in the field especially as his original work was in the earlier part of his career. His facilitatory role in the field has very few parallels world-wide. Numerous high profile leaders in the field presently have benefited from is mentorship and collaboration. In France he has created the facilities and environment for human non-invasive imaging based medical research that are amongst the best in the world.

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