Ruggero Pardi - Selected Publications#

Panattoni M, Maiorino L, Lukacs A, Zentilin L, Mazza D, Sanvito F, Sitia G, Guidotti LG, Pardi R. The COP9 signalosome is a repressor of replicative stress responses and polyploidization in the regenerating liver. 2014. Hepatology. 59:2331-2343.

Porrello E, Rivellini C, Dina G, Triolo D, Del Carro U, Ungaro D, Panattoni M, Feltri ML, Wrabetz L, Pardi R, Quattrini A, Previtali SC. Jab1 regulates Schwann cell proliferation and axonal sorting through p27. 2014. J Exp Med. 211(1):29-43

Morrison, AR, Yarovinsky, TO, young, BD, Moraes, F, Ross, T, Ceneri, N, Zhang, J, Zhuang ZW, Sinusas AJ, Schwartz, MA, Simons, M, Pardi, R and Bender JR. macrophage b2 integrin-induced Rac2-Nyosin IIA interaction regulates VEGF-A RNA stability and ischemic angiogenesis. 2014. J Exp Med. 211:1957-1968.

Lage Crespo C, Vernieri C, Bender JR, Wittbrodt, J and R. Pardi. The PAR complex directs spatial coordination and dynamics of the F-actin and microtubule networks to control vectorial leukocyte migration in vivo. 2014. J. Cell Sci. 127:4381-4395

Deng, Z., Wei, N., Miller, D. Mountz, J. D., Pardi, R., Huang-ge, Z. Plant Homologue Constitutive photomorphogenesis 9 (COP9) signalosome regulates innate immune responses in experimental sepsis. 2011. Blood. 117:4796-4804.

M. Alfano, SA. Mariani, C. Elia, F. Blasi, R. Pardi and G. Poli. Ligand-Engaged Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator Receptor (uPAR) and Activation of the CD11b/CD18 (Mac1) Integrin Inhibit Late Events of HIV Expression in Monocytic Cells. Blood. 2009. 113:1699-1709.

R. Molteni, C. Lage-Crespo, S. Feigelson, C. Moser, M. Fabbri, F. Krombach, R. Alon and R. Pardi. β-Arrestins Are Required For The Induction And Strengthening Of Shear-Stress Resistant Adhesion During Leukocyte Extravasation. Blood 2009. 114:1073-1082.

Panattoni M, Sanvito F, Basso V, Doglioni C, Montini E, Bender Jr, Mondino A, Pardi R. (In Stampa). Targeted Inactivation Of The Cop9 Signalosome Impairs Multiple Stages Of T Cell Development. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2008. 205:465-477.

Savio MG, Rotondo G, Maglie S, Rossetti G, Bender JR, Pardi R. (In Stampa). Cop1D, An Alternatively Spliced Constitutive Photomorphogenetic-1 (COP1) Product, Stabilizes UV Stress-Induced C-Jun Through Inhibition Of Full Length COP1. Oncogene. 2008. 27: 2401-2411.

E. Bianchi, S. Denti, A. Granata, J. Geginat, L. Rogge and R. Pardi. The integrin LFA-1 interacts with the transcriptional coactivator JAB1 to modulate AP-1 transcriprional activity. Nature. 404: 617-621, 2000
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