Zhimin Lu - Selected Publications#

1. Yang W, Xia X, Ji H, Zheng Y, Liang J, Huang W, Gao X, Aldape K, Lu Z*. Nuclear PKM2 regulates beta-catenin transactivation upon EGFR activation. Nature, 12/2011 480(7375):118-22, PMID: 22056988 (2011 Outstanding Research Publication Award at MD Anderson; Highlighted by Cell, Nature SciBX, Science Signaling, Cancer Research, Cell Research, Chinese journal of Cancer, Future Oncology, and Faculty of 1000 Biology, and MD Anderson News Release). PMID: 22901803.

2. Yang W, Xia Y, Hawke D, Li X, Liang J, Xing D, Aldape K, Hunter T, Yung WK, and Lu Z*. PKM2 phosphorylates histone H3 and promotes gene transcription and tumorigenesis. Cell, 8/2012; 150 (4): 685-696 (Listed in 2012: Signaling Breakthroughs of the Year, Science Signaling; Highlighted by Cell, Nature Reviews Cancer, Cancer Discovery, Cell Cycle, Faculty of 1000 Biology, and MD Anderson News Release).

3. Yang W, Zheng Y, Xia Y, Ji H, Chen X, Guo F, Lyssiotis C, Aldape K, Cantley L, and Lu Z*. ERK1/2-dependent phosphorylation and nuclear translocation of PKM2 promotes the Warburg effect. Nature Cell Biology, 12/2012;14(12):1295-304, PMID:23178880 (Highlighted in Nature Review Cancer; Nature Chemical Biology; Cell Cycle and MD Anderson News Release)

4. Jiang Y, Qian X, Shen J, Wang Y, Li X, Liu R, Xia Y, Chen Q, Peng G, Lin S, and Lu Z*. Local generation of fumarate promotes DNA repair through inhibition of histone H3 demethylation. Nature Cell Biology, 9/2015.7(9):1158-68. PMID: 26237645. (highlighted in Nature Cell Biology, Cancer Discovery, Science Signaling, and an MD Anderson news release).

5. Li X, Qian X, Peng L, Jiang Y, Hawke D, Zheng Y, Xia Y, Lee J, Cote G, Wang H, Wang L, Qian C, and Lu Z*. A Splicing Switch from Ketohexokinase-C to Ketohexokinase-A drives hepatocellular carcinoma formation. Nature Cell Biology, 5/2016. 18(5):561-71. PMID:2708854. (Highlighted by Cancer Discovery, Science Signaling, and an MD Anderson news release).

6. Wang Y,Guo Y, Liu K, Yin Z, Liu R, Xia Y, Tan L, Yang P, Lee J, Li XJ, Hawke D, Zheng Y, Qian X, Lyu J He J, Xing D*, Tao Y*, Lu Z*. KAT2A Coupled with the alfa-KGDH Complex Acts as a Histone H3 Succinyltransferase. Nature, 12/2017. 552(7684):273-277. PMID: 29211711 (Highlighted by Cancer Discovery, Faculty of 1000 Prime, and an MD Anderson news release).

7. Qian X, Li X, Tan L, Lee JH, Xia X, Cai Q, Zheng Y, Wang H, Lorenzi P, Lu Z*. Conversion of PRPS hexamer to monomer by AMPK-mediated phosphorylation inhibits nucleotide synthesis in response to energy stress. Cancer Discovery, 1/2018: 8(1):94-107. PMID: 29074724. Impact Factor: 29)

8. Qian X*, Li X, Shi Z, Xia Y, Cai Q, Xu D, Tan L, Du L,Zheng Y, Zhao D, Zhang C, Lorenzi P, You Y, Jiang B, Jiang T, Li H, and Lu Z*. PTEN suppresses glycolysis by dephosphorylating and inhibiting autophosphorylated PGK1. Molecular Cell, 11/2019. 76(3):516-527. PMID: 31492635.

9. Li X*, Qian X, Wang B, Xia Y, Zheng Y, Du L, Xu D, Xing D, Depinho R, and Lu Z*. Programmable base editing of mutated TERT promoter inhibits tumor growth. Nature Cell Biology, 2/2020. PMID: 32066906 (Highlighted by Nature Cell Biology, Cancer Research, and Faculty of 1000 Prime).

10. Xu D*, Wang Z, Xia Y, Shao F, Xia W, Wei Y, Li X, Qian X, Lee J, Du L, Zheng Y, Lv G, Leu J, Wang H, Xing D, Liang T, Hung M*, and Lu Z*. Gluconeogenic enzyme PCK1 phosphorylates INSIG1/2 for lipogenesis. Nature, 4/2020. 580(7804):530-535. PMID: 32322062.

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