Chen Lin - Selected Publications#

1. “Corporate Immunity to COVID-19 Pandemic”, Journal of Financial Economics 141, 2021, 802-830. (with W. Ding, R. Levine and\ W. Xie).

2. “How Did Depositors Respond to COVID-19?”, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming. (with R. Levine, M. Tai and W. Xie).

3. “Finance and Firm Volatility: Evidence from Small Business Lending in China", Management Science, forthcoming. (with T. Chen, Y. Huang and Z. Sheng).

4. “Epidemic Disease and Financial Development”, Journal of Financial Economics 143, 2022, 332-358. (with J. An and W. Hou).

5. “Bank Networks and Acquisitions”, Management Science 66, 2020, 5216–5241. (with R. Levine and Z. Wang).

6. “Competition and Bank Opacity”, (with L. Jiang and R. Levine), Review of Financial Studies 29, 2016, 1911-1942.

7. “The Real and Financial Implications of Corporate Hedging”, Journal of Finance 66, 2011, 1615-48. (with M. Campello, Y. Ma and H. Zou).

8. “Ownership Structure and the Cost of Corporate Borrowing”, Journal of Financial Economics 100, 2011, 1-23. Lead article. (with Y. Ma and Y. Xuan).

9. “Creditor Rights, Information Sharing and Bank Risk Taking”, Journal of Financial Economics 96, 2010, 485-512, (with J. Houston, P. Lin and Y. Ma).

10. “Corruption in Bank Lending to Firms: Cross-Country Micro Evidence on the Beneficial Role of Competition and Information Sharing”, Journal of Financial Economics 91, 2009, 361-388, (with J. Barth, P. Lin, F. Song).

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