List of publications XLR 2023.doc(info) (all my publications in international peer-reviewed journals ; updated in Dec 2023)

Selection of one paper per year over the 2005-2020 period:

Sankaran M., Hanan N.P., Scholes R.J., Ratnam J., Augustine D.J., Cade B.S., Gignoux J., Higgins S., Le Roux X., Ludwig F., Ardo J., Banyikwa F., Bronn A., Bucini G., Caylor K., Coughenour M.B., Diouf A., Ekaya W., Feral C., February E., Frost P., Hiernaux P., Hrabar H., Metzger K., Prins H.H.T., Ringrose S., Sea W., Tews J., Worden J. & Zambatis N. 2005. Determinants of woody cover in African Savannas. Nature 438: 846-849. (journal IF: 43.07; article IF: 71.22)

Patra A.K., Abbadie L., Clays A., Degrange V., Grayston S., Guillaumaud N., Loiseau P., Louault F., Mahmood S., Nazaret S., Philippot L., Poly F., Prosser J.I. & Le Roux X. 2006. Effects of management regime and plant species on the enzyme activity and genetic structure of N-fixing, denitrifying and nitrifying bacterial communities in grassland soils. Env. Microbiol. 8: 1005-1016. (journal IF: 5.15; article IF: 12.25)

Wertz S., Degrange V., Prosser J.I., Poly F., Commeaux C., Guillaumaud N. & Le Roux X. 2007. Decline of soil microbial diversity does not influence the resistance and resilience of nitrifiers and denitrifiers following a model disturbance. Env. Microbiol. 9: 2211-2219. (journal IF: 5.15; article IF: 15.31)

Le Roux X, Poly F., Currey P., Commeaux C., Hai B., Nicol G.W., Prosser J.I., Schloter M., Attard E. &. Klumpp K. 2008. Effects of aboveground grazing on coupling among nitrifier activity, abundance and community structure. ISME J. 2: 221-232. (journal IF: 9.49; article IF: 7.93)

Salles J.F., Poly F., Schmid B. & Le Roux X. 2009. Community niche predicts the functioning of denitrifying bacterial assemblages. Ecology 90: 3324–3332. (journal IF: 4.29; article IF: 7.86)

Attard E., Poly F., Laurent F., Commeaux C., Terada A., Smets B., Recous S. & Le Roux X. 2010. Shifts between Nitrospira- and Nitrobacter-like nitrite oxidizers underly the response of soil nitrite oxidizing enzyme activity to changes in tillage practices. Env. Microbiol. 12: 315-326. (journal IF: 5.15; article IF: 14.00)

Attard E., Recous S., Chabbi A., De Berranger C., Guillaumaud N., Labreuche J., Philippot L., Schmid B. & Le Roux X. 2011. Soil environmental conditions rather than denitrifier abundance and diversity drive potential denitrification after changes in land-uses. Global Change Biol. 17: 1975–1989. (journal IF: 8.88; article IF: 17.50)

Brown J.R., Blankinship J.C., Niboyet A., van Groenigen K.J., Dijkstra P., Le Roux X., Leadley P.W., Field C.B. & Hungate B.A. 2012. Effects of multiple global change treatments on soil N2O fluxes. Biogeochem. 109: 85-100. (journal IF: 3.41; article IF: 8.60)

Lavorel S., Storkey J., Bardgett R.D., De Bello F., Berg M.P., Le Roux X., Moretti M., Mulder C., Diaz S., Harrington R. & Pakeman R. 2013. Linking functional traits of plants and other trophic levels for the quantification of ecosystem services. J. Veg. Sci. 24: 942–948. (journal IF: 2.94; article IF: 18.00) - Highly cited paper

Krause S., Le Roux X., van Bodegom P.M., Niklaus P.A., Bertilsson S., Grossart H.P., Lennon J.T., Philippot L. & Bodelier P.L.E. 2014. Trait-based approaches for understanding microbial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Frontiers Microbiol. 5:251. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2014.00251 (journal IF: 4.26; article IF: 26.78) - Highly cited paper

Eggermont H., Balian E., Azevedo J., Beumer V., Brodin T., Claudet J., Fady B., Grube M., Keune H., Lamarque P., Reuter K., Smith M., van Ham C., Weisser W.W. & Le Roux X. 2015. Nature-based solutions: new influence for environmental management and research in Europe. GAIA 24: 243 – 248. (journal IF: 1.88; article IF: 30.50) - Highly cited paper

Ma W., Jiang S., Assemien F., Qin M., Ma B., Xie Z., Liu Y., Feng H., Du G., Ma X. & Le Roux X. 2016. Response of the abundance of microbial functional groups involved in N cycling to N, P and NP fertilization in Tibetan alpine meadows. Soil Biol. Biochem. 101: 195-206. (journal IF: 5.29; article IF: 9.86)

Weisser W.W., Roscher C., Meyer S.T., Ebeling A., Luo G., Beßler H., Barnard R., Buchmann N., Buscot F., Engels C., Fischer C., Fischer M., Gessler A., Gleixner G., Halle S., Hildebrandt A., Hillebrand H., de Kroon H., Lange M., Leimer S., Le Roux X., Milcu A., Mommer L., Niklaus N., Oelmann Y., Proulx R., Scherber C., Scherer-Lorenzen M., Scheu S., Tscharntke T., Wachendorf M., Wagg C., Weigelt A., Wilcke W., Schulze E.D., Schmid B. & Eisenhauer N. 2017. Biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning in a 15-year grassland experiment: patterns, mechanisms, and open questions. Basic Appl. Ecol. 23: 1-73. (journal IF: 2.47; article IF: 33.50) - Highly cited paper

Sutherland W.J., Butchart S.H.M., Connor B., Culshaw C., Dicks L.V., Dinsdale J., Doran H., Entwistle A.C., Fleishman E., Gibbons D.W., Jiang Z., Keim B., Le Roux X., Lickorish F.A., Markillie P., Monk K.A., Mortimer D., Pearce-Higgins J., Peck L.S., Pretty J., Seymour C., Spalding M.D., Tonneijck F.H., & Gleave R.A. 2018. A 2018 Horizon scan of emerging issues for global conservation and biological diversity. Trends Ecol. Evol. 33: 47-58. (journal IF: 15.24; article IF: 18.20) - Highly cited paper

Assemien F., Cantarel A., Florio A., Lerondelle C., Pommier T., Gonnety T.J. & Le Roux X. 2019. Different groups of nitrite-reducers and N2O-reducers have distinct ecological niches and functional roles in West African cultivated soils. Soil Biol. Biochem. 129: 39–47. (journal IF: 8.55; article IF: 7.25)

Mawarda P.C., Le Roux X., van Elsas J.D. & Falcao Salles J. 2020. Deliberate introduction of invisible invaders: A critical appraisal of the impact of microbial inoculants on soil microbial communities. Soil Biol. Biochem. 148: 107874. (journal IF: 8.55; article IF: 12.66) - Selected by SBB as one of the top 5 articles for the UN Soil day
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