Peter Kralchevsky#

Peter Kralchevsky
Membership Number:5324
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:BULGARIA

Present and Previous Positions

  • 2017,11 - present Head, Laboratory of Complex fluids, Sofia University, Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy: Sofia, BG
  • 2015,06 - 2019,06 Dean, Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy: Sofia University, Sofia, BG
  • 2002,03 - present: Full Professor, Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy, Sofia University, Sofia, BG
  • 1999,12 - 2008,01 Head, Laboratory of Chemical Physics and Engineering, Sofia University, Sofia, BG
  • 1998,09 - 1999,05 Visiting Professor, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
  • 1993,04 - 1999,12 Head, Laboratory of Thermodynamics & Physicochemical Hydrodynamics, Sofia University, Sofia, BG
  • 1991,12 - 1992,12 Senior Research Associate, Japan Science and Technology Agency: Tokyo, Tsukuba Science City, Japan
  • 1991,12 - 2002,03 Associate Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, Sofia, BG
  • 1987,08 - 1987,11 Senior Research Associate, Dept. Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology: Chicago, IL, USA
  • 1985,07 - 1991,12: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, Sofia, BG

Fields of Scholarship
  • Capillarity, contact angles, thin liquid films, surface forces
  • Colloidal Dispersions: foams, emulsions, suspensions
  • Particles at fluid interfaces and capillary forces
  • General curved interfaces, bending moments, biointerfaces
  • Colloid and interface science
  • Micelles, micelle growth, rheology, solubilization
  • Surfactant adsorption: thermodynamics, kinetics and detergency

Honours and Awards
  • 2016 The Highest National Award "Pythagoras" for scientific achievements of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science
  • 2012 Fellow of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Sofia, BG
  • 2008 Best Professor Award, Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, Sofia, BG
  • 2006 Blue Ribbon Medal for Achievements in Science, Sofia University: Sofia, BG
  • 2004 Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Sofia, BG
  • 1995 Diploma by the Science and Technology Agency of Japan (the former JRDC)
  • 1990 Zlatarov National Award for Chemical Sciences, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: Sofia, BG

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