Peter Kornicki - Selected publications#

2010 The female as subject: Women and the book in Japan, edited with Mara Patessio and Gaye Rowley (Ann Arbor: Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan), pp. x + 279.

2010 Catalogue of the Japanese coin collection (pre-Meiji) in the British Museum, edited with Shin’ichi Sakuraki and Helen Wang (London: British Museum Publications), pp. vi + 218

2008 Having difficulty with Chinese? The rise of the vernacular book in Japan, Korea and Vietnam, annotated text version of the Sandars Lectures 2008, deposited in the BL and CUL and made available on the CUL website. (82 pp.)

2010 'The latter days of Genji’ (with Rebekah Clements), Monumenta Nipponica 64: 363-372

2010 ‘General Sir Ian Hamilton and the Russo-Japanese War’, in Hugh Cortazzi, ed., Britain and Japan: Biographical Portraits, vol. 7 (Folkestone: Global Oriental), pp. 162-78.

2009 ‘Storia del libro e storia del Giappone: donne, medicina, traduzioni’, in Adriana Boscaro, ed., Giornata di studio sul Giappone e un ricordo di Fosco Maraini (Venice: AISTUGIA), pp. 9-29.

2009 ‘The Lesser learning for women and other texts for Vietnamese women: a bibliographical and comparative study’ (with Nguyen Thi Oanh), International journal of Asian studies, 6: 147-69.

2009 Narrative of a catastrophe: Musashi abumi and the Meireki fire’, Japan forum, 21: 347-361

2008 ‘Books in the service of politics: Tokugawa Ieyasu as custodian of the books of Japan’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 18: 71-82

1998 The Book in Japan: A Cultural History from the Beginnings to the Nineteenth Century, Leiden: Brill, 1998. (Paperback, University of Hawaii Press, 2000)
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