Claude Jaupart#

Short laudatio by Hans-Peter Bunge#

Claude Jaupart is truly one of the world's leading solid earth geophysicists, His contributions are recognised as being paradigm-shifting within geophysical analysis of natural phenomena within the Earth. Moreover, Prof Jaupart has achieved remarkable recognition well beyond the bounds of geophysics. His name is a “household word" in wide expanses of geochemistry, petrology, and geodynamics.

His track record is similarly remarkable. Building on an exceptional published record of l25 papers and over 5000 citations (h-factor = 40) he has been richly recognised formally by many national and international bodies. His prizes and academy memberships are commensurate with the impact of his work.

It is difficult to distill Claude Jaupart's specific scientific achievements into a small number of major topics and breakthroughs. Two major parts, however, suffice as the fundament of his achievements:

1) The physics of magma flow and volcanic eruptions. - Claude Jaupart has led the frontier of experiment and theory in the physics of volcanism for almost 3 decades. He has continually opened up new avenues of investigation and interpretation in magmatic processes. He has done this using numerical simulations, fluid dynamic principles, novel analog experimentation and, last but not least, by careful objective analysis of the records, both geophysical, geochemical and petrological, that the volcanic eruptions themselves provide. Not many people are equally at home in the analysis of observational, theoretical and experimental volcanology — Claude Jaupart is.

2) The physics of the deep earth, — Claude Jaupart has authored landmark papers on the impact of heat loss from the earth, the postulated connection between continental breakup and flood volcanism, and the thickness of continental roots. Through a combination of careful field campaigns of observation, theoretical analysis and geological reasoning, Prof Jaupart has been able to constrain the thermal field of the earth, spatially and temporally. With that he has described the engine of the deep Earth's energy contribution to convection at depth and rupture at the surface.

Claude Jaupart is a true gentleman of science. You always have the impression you are speaking to a colleague who thinks deeply and speculates openly about the most important uncertainties concerning the Earth's interior. He has always gone after the tough problems and has done it, as noted above, with a constellations of techniques which have been repeatedly novel.

In addition to his significant local and national responsibilities, Claude Jaupart has taken his responsibilities to the international community of scientists quite seriously. He has served in a wide range of international commitments, both in Europe, in America and globally. His reputation is equally excellent in all parts of the globe.

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