Joost G.J. Hoenderop - Selected Publications#

Researcher ID: H-8047-2014
Records in Pubmed 267
Web of Science H:index 63
Number of times cited: 12312

1. Loss of transcriptional activation of the potassium channel Kir5.1 by HNF1 beta drives autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease. Kompatscher A, de Baaij JHF, Aboudehen K, Hoefnagels APWM, Igarashi P, Bindels RJM, Veenstra GJC, Hoenderop JGJ. Kidney Int. 92:1145-1156, 2017
Impact factor 8.5, 1 citation
This study shows the unique regulation of genes by HNF1 beta and couples the potassium channel Kir5.1

2. Regulation of Mg2+ Reabsorption and Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin Type 6 Activity by cAMP Signaling Blanchard MG, Kittikulsuth W, Nair AV, de Baaij JH, Latta F, Genzen JR, Kohan DE, Bindels RJ, Hoenderop JG. J Am Soc Nephrol. 27:804-13, 2016
Impact factor 9.5, 4 citations
This study shows the molecular regulation of the renal epithelial magnesium channel that has been firstly characterized by my group

3. Magnesium in man: implications for health and disease. de Baaij JH, Hoenderop JG, Bindels RJ. Physiol Rev. 95:1-46, 2015
Impact factor 34, 161 citations
This high impact review shows the current knowledge on magnesium homeostasis

4. CNNM2 mutations cause impaired brain development and seizures in patients with hypomagnesemia. Arjona FJ, de Baaij JH, Schlingmann KP, Lameris AL, van Wijk E, Flik G, Regele S, Korenke GC, Neophytou B, Rust S, Reintjes N, Konrad M, Bindels RJ, Hoenderop JG. PLoS Genet. 10:e1004267, 2014
Impact factor 8.1, 28 citations
This study shows the causative effect of patient mutations in a new hypomagensemic renal transporter

5. The Epithelial Calcium Channel TRPV5 Is Regulated Differentially by Klotho and Sialidase
Leunissen EH, Nair AV, Büll C, Lefeber DJ, van Delft FL, Bindels RJ, Hoenderop JG.
J Biol Chem. 288:29238-46, 2013
Impact factor 4.6, 28 citations
This study shows the unique regulation of the epithelial calcium channel by klotho

6. Loss of insulin-induced activation of TRPM6 magnesium channels results in impaired glucose tolerance during pregnancy. Nair AV, Hocher B, Verkaart S, van Zeeland F, Pfab T, Slowinski T, Chen YP, Schlingmann KP, Schaller A, Gallati S, Bindels RJ, Konrad M, Hoenderop JG. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109:11324-9, 2012
Impact factor 10.4, 48 citations
This study demonstrated specific single nucleotide polymorphisms in TRPM6 of diabetic patients

7.. Mutations in CYP24A1 and Idiopathic Infantile Hypercalcemia. Schlingmann KP, Kaufmann M, Weber S, Irwin A, Goos C, John U, Misselwitz J, Klaus G, Kuwertz-Bröking E, Fehrenbach H, Wingen AM, Güran T, Hoenderop JG, Bindels RJ, Prosser DE, Jones G, Konrad M. N Engl J Med. 365:410-21, 2011
Impact factor 72.4, 220 citations
This study demonstrates the first mutation in CYP24A1 explaining the idiopathic hypocalcemia in patients

8. The beta-glucuronidase klotho hydrolyzes and activates the TRPV5 channel. Chang Q, Hoefs S, van der Kemp AW, Topala CN, Bindels RJ, Hoenderop JG.
Science. 310:490-3, 2005
Impact factor 35, 362 citations
This study discloses a novel regulatory aspect of the renal calcium channel in which sugar residues are cleaved from the N-glycan to increase membrane stability and activity

9. Calcium absorption across epithelia. Hoenderop JG, Nilius B, Bindels RJ.
Physiol Rev. 85:373-422, 2005
Impact factor 34, 462 citations
This high impact review provides the current view on calcium absorption in epithelial cells

10. Molecular identification of the apical Ca2+ channel in 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D-3 responsive epithelia. Hoenderop JG, van der Kemp AW, Hartog A, van de Graaf SF, van Os CH, Willems PH, Bindels RJ. J Biol Chem. 274:8375-8, 1999
Impact factor 4.6, 402 citations
This study was the first identification of the renal gatekeeper that facilitates renal calcium handing.

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