Jane Hill - Selected Publications#

Williams, S., Scriven, S., Burslem, D., Hill, J.K., Reynolds, G., Agama, A., Kugan, F., Maycock, C., Khoo, E., Hastie, A., Sugau, J., Nilus, R., Pereira, J., Tsen, S., Lee, L., Juiling, S., Hodgson, J., Cole, L., Asner, G., Evans, L. & Brodie, J. (2020) Conservation planning that incorporates regional-scale landscape connectivity. Conservation Biology 34: 934-942.
Altmetric score = 48, 3 citations. This research is supporting the Malaysian Sabah State Government to prioritise >300k ha of rainforest to protect.

Platts, P.J., Mason, S.C., Palmer, G., Hill, J.K., Oliver, T.H., Powney, G.D., Fox, R. & C.D. Thomas (2019). Habitat availability explains variation in climate-driven range shifts across multiple taxonomic groups. Scientific Reports 9, 15039.
Altmetric score = 132, 20 citations, in the ‘Top 100 in Ecology’ in 2019. Reported in The Guardian (UK newspaper).

Chung-Huey Wu, J.D. Holloway, J. K. Hill, C.D. Thomas, I-Ching Chen & Chuan-Kai Ho (2019) Reduced body sizes in climate-impacted tropical insect assemblages are primarily driven by range shifts. Nature Communications 10, 4612. Altmetric score = 55, 8 citations.

Macgregor, C.J., Thomas, C.D., Roy, D.B., Beaumont, M.A., Bell, J.R., Brereton, T., Bridle, J.R., Dytham, D., Fox, R., Gotthard, K., Hoffmann, A.A., Martin, G., Middlebrook, I., Nylin, S., Platts, P.J., Rasteiro, R., Saccheri, I.J., Villoutreix, R., Wheat, C.W. & J.K. Hill. (2019) Climate-induced phenology shifts enable range expansions in species with fast reproductive cycles. Nature Communications 10, 4455.
Altmetric score = 141, 34 citations. Reported in UK newspapers, Guardian, Daily Mail.

Senior, R.A., Hill, J.K. & Edwards, D. P. (2019) Global loss of climate connectivity in tropical forests. Nature Climate Change 9, 623-626.
Altmetric score = 385, 15 citations. Article ranked 5th in the journal for articles of a similar age. Cited in the UK Parliament Office for Science and Technology POSTnote ‘Climate change-biodiversity interactions’ Research Briefing (2020).

Senior, R.A., Hill, J.K., Benedick, S. & D.P. Edwards (2017). Tropical forests are thermally buffered despite intensive selective logging. Global Change Biology 24, 1267-1278.
Altmetric score = 97, 36 citations.

Palmer, G., Platts, P.J., Brereton, T., Chapman, J.W., Dytham, C., Fox, R., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Roy, D.B., Hill, J.K. & Thomas, C.D. (2017) Climate change, climatic variation, and extreme biological responses. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 372, 20160144; DOI:
Altmetric score = 59, 52 citations

Lucey, J.M, Palmer, G., Yeong, K. L., Edwards, D.P., Senior, M.J.M., Scriven, S.A., Reynolds, G., Hill, J.K. (2017) Reframing the evidence base for policy-relevance to increase impact: a case study on forest fragmentation in the oil palm sector. Journal of Applied Ecology 54,731–736.
Altmetric score = 29, 25 citations. Article cited in the UK Parliament Office for Science and Technology POSTnote ‘Trends in Agriculture’ Research Briefing (2018). Article cited in the IUCN Oil Palm Task Force ‘Oil palm and biodiversity’ (2018)

Mason, S., Fox, R., Gillings, S., Hill, J.K., Palmer, G., Thomas, C.D., & T.H. Oliver. (2015) Geographical range margins of many taxonomic groups continue to shift polewards. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 115, 586-597.
Altmetric = 47, 97 citations. Article cited in the UK Parliament Office for Science and Technology POSTnote ‘Climate change-biodiversity interactions’ Research Briefing (2020). Article cited in United Nations Environment Programme GEO-6: Global Environment Outlook: Regional assessment for the Pan-European Region (2016).

Gillingham, P.K., Bradbury, R.B., Roy, D.B., Anderson, B.J., Baxter, J.M., Bourn, N.A.D., Crick, H.Q.P., Findon, R.A., Fox, R., Franco, A.M.A., Hill, J.K., Hodgson, J.A., Holt, A.R., Morecroft, M.D., O’Hanlon, N.J., Oliver, T.H., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Procter, D.A., Thomas, J.A., Walker, K.J., Walmsley, C.A., Wilson, R.J. & Thomas, C.D. (2015) The effectiveness of protected areas to conserve species undertaking geographic range shifts. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 115, 707-717
Altmetric score = 29, 55 citations.

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