Anne-Marie Guillemard - Biography#

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Professor emeritus (September 2010) of sociology at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Paris Descartes Sorbonne, honorarium member of the Institut Universitaire de France, member of the Academia Europaea, the European Network of Excellence “Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe” (CINEFOGO), and the European research consortium ASPA “Activating Senior Potential in Ageing Europe” (7thFP).

Anne-Marie Guillemard sits on the editorial boards of the Revue française de sociologie, Ageing and Society, Hallym International Journal of Aging (Baywood Publishing Company) and Retraite et Société. Her work on international comparisons of welfare policies, retirement systems and employment is widely recognized.

Her research focuses on questions related to age and employment, age management in public and entrepreneurial policies, the generational contract and reforms of the welfare states. Among her most recent works are the following : Les défis du vieillissement, Age, Emploi, Retraite, Perspectives internationales, (ed) Armand Colin 2010, Où va la protection sociale ? (ed) Presses Universitaires de France 2008, and The Changing Face of Welfare., (edited with) J. Goul- Andersen, P. Jensen, B. Pfau-Effinger. Bristol, Policy Press (2005).
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