Alison Fuller - Selected Publications#

FULLER, A., Hodkinson, H., Hodkinson, P., & Unwin, L. (2005). Learning as peripheral participation in communities of practice: a reassessment of key concepts in workplace learning British Educational Research Journal, 31(1), 49–68. Scopus. Cited by 851; Web of Science: 261.

FULLER, A., & Unwin, L. (2004). Expansive learning environments: integrating organizational and personal development. In Workplace Learning in Context (pp. 126–144). Scopus. Cited by 818.

FULLER, A., & Unwin, L. (2003). Learning as apprentices in the contemporary UK workplace: creating and managing expansive and restrictive participation. Journal of Education and work, 16(4), 407-426. Cited by 732.

FULLER, A. (2007) Learning in communities of practice. In J. Hughes, N. Jewson, L. Unwin (Eds.), Communities of practice. London: Routledge. Cited by 279.

Felstead, A., FULLER, A., Jewson, N., & Unwin, L. (2009). Improving working as learning. London: Routledge. Scopus. Cited by 242.

FULLER, A. & Unwin, L. (2017) Job crafting and identity in low-grade work: How hospital porters redefine the value of their work and expertise, Vocations and Learning. 10(3), 307-324. DOI: 10.1007/s12186-017-9173-z.

FULLER, A. & Unwin, L. (2017) Apprenticeship quality and social mobility. The Sutton Trust.

Bridges, J., May, C., FULLER, A., Griffiths, P., Wigley, W., Gould, L., Barker, H. ... (2017) Optimising impact and sustainability: a qualitative process evaluation of a complex intervention targeted at compassionate care. BMJ Quality & Safety, 26(12), 970-977. DOI: 10.1136/bmjqs-2017-006702.

Bridges, J., Pickering, R.M., Barker, H., Chable, R., FULLER, A., Gould, L. ... (2018) Implementing the creating learning environments for compassionate care (CLECC) programme in acute hospital settings: a pilot RCT and feasibility study.

Health Services and Delivery Research. 6(33), 1-166. DOI 10.3310/hsdr06330.

Leonard, P., FULLER, A. & Unwin, L. (2018) A new start? Negotiations of age and chrononormativity by older apprentices in England. Ageing & Society, 38(8), 1667-1692. DOI:

Prof. Fuller’s h index is 46 and her i10 index is 105.

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