Andrea Caneschi - Curriculum vitae#

Full Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence (I)

Director of the Italian University Consortium of Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM), grouping about 2500 researchers from 49 Italian Universities.

Research interests:

Inorganic chemistry - Magnetic interactions - Single-molecule and Single-chain magnets - Molecules organised on conductive surfaces - Nitronyl Nitroxide radicals - Magnetic nanoparticles - Solid state structural analysis and low temperature techniques - Magnetic interactions between metal 3d and 4f ions ions, and organic radicals - Magnetic systems for high-frequency electronic applications.

Participant or Main Investigator in National Research Projects, Research Project of National Interest (PRIN), Special Funds for Incentive in Research (FISR ), (Incentive Funds for Basic Research (FIRB) and National Research Council (CNR) funds.

Participant to the Research Training Network (RTN) of European Community (EC) in the III, IV (3MD), V (Molnanomag) and VI (Quemolna) Framewok Programmes (FP), supervisor of the Training Site Marie Curie “MOLMAG” of the V and VI FP of the EC.

He was Operational Manager and scientific participant of the Network of Excellence ”Magmanet” of the VI FP. 7 projects in the FP7 and 2 projects in H2020 Programme.

He followed the research and specialization activities of more than 80 Italian and foreign post-docs, Erasmus students, Marie Curie and Italian PhD students.

Author of around 400 publications in the best journals of chemistry and physics, including Science and Nature.

He is referee for the most important journals of chemistry and physics.

Experience Abroad
  • 1982, 6 months, Université de Paris Sud, Prof. Olivier Kahn,
  • 1984, 1 year, C.E.N. Grenoble, C.E.A., Dr. Paul Rey,
  • 1993, 1 year, M.I.T., Prof. S.J. Lippard.

Several tenths of collaborations active with European laboratories.

For his experiments, he had access to several European and American Large Scale facilities.

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