Academia Europaea Wroclaw Knowledge Hub, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Institute of Social Communication and Media Science and the University of Wroclaw, Institute of International Studies invite to the online conference

Media (&) Life After/During Covid-19 Pandemic#

which will be held online on 26 October 2020.

Event website#

In view of the situation in which researchers found themselves almost all over the world - cancellation of many academic events and, at the same time, the new challenges posed by the academy and the current epidemic - we decided to meet the current needs and invite media and communication researchers to participate in the discussion on the present and future of communication and media studies in the face of the pandemic.

We would like to ask important questions and start a discussion on topics that are dynamically emerging. Among them there are questions such as:
  • What are the biggest challenges in research in the field of media and communication studies posed by the current pandemic?
  • What will it probably bring?
  • What has already changed in our studies, projects and research practice?
  • Which important topics are emerging in media and communication studies in relation to the pandemic and its consequences?
  • What kind of ethical challenges and dilemmas will we face?
  • In media and communication studies, as in science: can we expect a change in the distribution model of research results, e.g. growing role of the publications outside the peer review model and a long-term publishing process?
  • Are application projects - constructed ad hoc for the so-called social good - becoming more important now than ever?
  • What are the other changes that have already taken place and/or should take place, and how should we possibly direct them?

The conference will consist of two parts: Session 1: Experts debate and session 2: Presentation of media and communication research projects.

Session 1: Experts debate #

The first part will be devoted to speeches and discussions of experts on the following topics:

  • Kirsten Drotner MAE, University of Southern Denmark, Welfarist media studies: why, why now?
  • Göran Bolin MAE, Södertörn University, Datafication and educational value in a post-Covid19 world
  • Veronika Kalmus MAE, University of Tartu, "Jobs that really matter": Some reflections on changes in science
  • Nevena Dakovic MAE, University of the Arts in Belgrade, Mediating and Communicating Crisis: C19 Pandemic or infodemic?
  • Fausto Colombo MAE, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Infodemic, pandemic, and Covid-19: an ecological approach
  • Leopoldina Fortunati MAE, University of Udine, How a research project had to be reformulated because of COVID19. A narrative on the design and methodological changes intervened in a research project during the emergency
  • Heidi Vandebosch MAE, University of Antwerp, Studying people's media use during COVID-19 and lockdown times: Opportunities and challenges
  • Helena Bilandzic MAE, Universität Augsburg, The role of media in the pandemic: How citizens seek and avoid, trust and mistrust media information in a health crisis

Session 2: Presentation of media and communication research projects #

The second part of the conference will be devoted to the presentation of specific research projects in the field of communication and media studies, which concern a pandemic or which are implemented in spite of an ongoing pandemic, but which address the challenge of adapting to changing conditions. We would also like to look at theoretical, methodological, technical and ethical challenges faced by media and communication researchers in their current research projects as well as at results of the research, including the preliminary ones, which have been managed to develop during this difficult time.

If you are interested in participation in Session 2, please send your e-mail application containing the following data together with the necessary approvals to Katarzyna Majkowska, Academia Europaea Wroclaw Knowledge Hub: majkowska@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl by 27 September 2020.

Submission details#

There is no conference fee.#

The event will be BROADCASTED ONLINE at the Wrocław Hub website (all the details will be available in due course).#

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