Beyond Identity? New Avenues for Interdisciplinary Research on Identity#

8-9 November 2019
Wroclaw, Poland#

The workshop is organized by the University of Wrocław and the Academia Europaea Wrocław Hub.

Event webpage.#

The workshop is organised with the financial support of the AE Hubert Curien Initiatives Fund, Riksbankens Jubileunsfond grant and Wrocław Municipality funding allowing the coverage of the costs of travel and accommodation for the participants.

As one of the outcomes, the Organizers are planning a publication.

The Conveners are: Professor Ireneusz P. Karolewski, MAE, from the Leipzig University and Professor Virginie Mamadouh, MAE, from the University of Amsterdam and Dr. Dorota Kołodziejczyk from the University of Wrocław, Postcolonial Studies Center.

The workshop will map out positions of compatibility, difference, and even disagreement in theories and methodologies in various disciplinary takes on identity, with the intent to develop cross-disciplinary analytical and theoretical frameworks and thus deepen our understanding of identity-related processes.

Identity has been a contested concept in social sciences and humanities. On the one hand, there are some doubts whether the concept has much analytical value, given its broad meaning between constructivism (dynamic nature) and essentialism (fixed nature). While some scholars proclaim radical social construction of individual identity (e.g. Bauman’s “liquid identity”), others point to fixed parameters of, for instance, national identity and the unparalleled power of identity-making entities such as states.

Against this background, the workshop seeks to devise an interdisciplinary dialogue spanning social sciences and humanities – sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology, philosophy, history, cultural studies, literature and linguistics. The main aim of the workshop is to bring together insights from various disciplines into how individual and collective identities are formed, negotiated and fixed, how individual and collective formats and purposes in identity interact or clash. In particular, the fixed aspects of identity-making versus socially constructed factors (including xeno-formatting of identity, for instance, by states) will be of interest in order to determine the degree of “constructability” in identity-making processes. A further goal would be to debate the long-established, classical research positions and the newest advancements in theory and empirical findings in various disciplines, also to better grasp possible changes of paradigms in exploring identity.

In addition, scholars would engage in discussions on how to combine various disciplinary insights into an analytical framework that could be used to explore the contemporary issues of identity, devise common approaches and find possible solutions to current identity problems including sectarianism, nationalism, ethnic violence, violent identity politics and identity-fuelled wars.

The workshop language is English. Dowlnoad program via this link.

Venues of the Workshop#

Day 1 – 8.11.2019

Art Hotel
Kiełbaśnicza 20
50-110 Wrocław, Poland
Conference room: Theatrical Room

Day 2 9.11.2019

Marriott Hotel
plac Wolności 10
50-071 Wrocław, Poland
Workshop room: Orangery

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