!Dionysia Theodosis - Research 
Dionysia Thodosis' major scientific interest has always revolved around the cell biology and morphology of
the central nervous system.  Initially trained as an electron
microscopist, that vision of the natural world has continued to
attract and fascinate her. Her work still revolves around a discovery she
made about 20 years ago, namely, that the structure of the adult brain
is not fixed but can be modified in response to purely physiological
conditions.  In the female brain, this is exemplified  by maternity,
which results in profound changes in the morphology of oxytocin
neurons, their supportive cells, the astroglia, and the synapses that
drive their activity. These changes are reversible and the part of the
hypothalamus that undergoes such plasticity reverts to its 'virgin'
condition once maternity is over; it will be reorganised in the course
of another maternal period. Presently, her laboratory is active in the
study of the cellular and molecular bases underlying this kind of
neuronal plasticity. 

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