!!André Syrota - Curriculum Vitae
André Syrota's secondary education was at the lycée of Raincy and his graduate education in the faculties of medicine in Paris.\\
*Intern of the Hospitals of Paris (1975). \\
*Doctor of medicine, Faculty Xavier-Bichat (1975) ; thesis title: “La gamma-splénoportographie”. \\
*Doctor of human biology, biophysics section, mentored by Daniel Quemada, Faculty of medicine Cochin-Port-Royal, Paris VII (1978). \\
*Lecturer in biophysics in the Faculty of medicine at Broussais Hospital, then at Kremlin-Bicêtre where he received his doctorate. \\
*Professor agrégé in the Faculty of medicine, Kremlin-Bicêtre, Paris XI (1979). \\
*Hospital consultant physician in medical biophysics at the Faculty of medicine Kremlin-Bicêtre (1974-2015) \\
*Chief of service Frédéric-Joliot Hospital of the CEA at Orsay (1984-1997, 1999-2007). \\
*Director of joint CNRS-CEA research unit  CNRS 1285/CEA “Régulation de la neurotransmission dans l’organisme vivant” (1989-1994). \\
*Chief of Imaging, Pharmacology and Physiology department  in the Life sciences directorate of the CEA (1990-1993). \\
*Director  of Life Sciences, CEA (1993-2007).\\
*Founder of the French Institut de genomics which regroups the Genoscope and the National Genotyping centre \\
*Director General (2007-2008), then President-director general of Inserm (2009-2014),\\
*President of the French National alliance for health and life sciences research - Aviesan (2009-2014). \\
*Vice-president of Science Europe (2011-2013). \\
__Scientific and administrative positions:__
*Member, Management Board, GIP Cyceron (Caen Cyclotron) since 1985.  \\
*Président, ad hoc Inserm scientific advisory committee on "Biophysics, biomedical & surgical technologies" (1991-1994). \\
*Member, National university appointments committee, section of biophysics and medical imaging (1992-2006).\\
*Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Institute Gustave-Roussy (1992-1994).  \\
*President, Institute of structural biology, Grenoble (1993-2007). \\
*President, Scientific Advisory Board, GIP Cermep, Lyon since 1994. \\
*Member, Executive Board of the European Science Foundation (1997-2000). \\
*Member, Board, GIP Hœchst-Marion-Roussel (1997-2002). \\
*Member, Coordination committee for Life Sciences, France (1998-2005). \\
*Scientific advisor, French Association against myopathies - AFM (2003-2006). \\
*Member, SAB of the International Science and Technology Center, Moscou, appointed in 2004 by the European Council. \\
*French representative at the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastuctures for Biological and Medical Sciences (2004-2009). \\
*President, Board of the National Council for genomic research (2006-2007).