!!Francesco Stella - Curriculum Vitae
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Born in 1962, Francesco Stella is full professor of Medieval Latin Literature at the University of Siena-Arezzo, where he also teaches Digital Philology and Translation Studies. From 2004 to 2010 he has been head of the Dept. of Classics and Cultural Heritage and director of the Center for Comparative Studies “I Deug-Su”. Since 2008 he is director of the Master Program on Digital Edition and in 2011 he will coordinate a Summer Program on Arezzo Arts And Letters, together with Syracuse University. His main research fields have been on one side comparative literature, on the other side technique, edition and interpretation of the Christian and medieval Latin poetry from late Antiquity to Petrarch. 
He as been invited many times as speaker of conferences and lectures in Europe, Canada and USA (see list in the Italian c.v.) and called for the assessment of projects or other selection procedures from France, Austria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Spain, USA, Belgium; he has been also visiting professor in the University Charles IV in Praha and in the University of Pécs in Hungary. He has been a fellow at Princeton University in 2011. He is editor since 1986 of Semicerchio. Rivista di poesia comparata and editor of the serie «Scrittori latini dell’Europa medievale» (Pacini Publisher, Pisa).

International and National research projects coordinated by F. Stella 
-1996 Ariane project Montale translated by poets and  1998 Ariane project Self-Translation in European Poetry, both finance by the European Community.
- From 1998 to coordinated the European TMR project Poetry of Early Medieval Europe.
2003 coordinated the European iErasmus/IP project Intercultural Workshop on Medieval Poetry and Digital Resources.
- He directed 2007 and 2009 with P. Bourgain a Parigi the Italian-French Galileo project Atelier numérique sur les textes et les manuscrits médiévaux.
- He directed the international project Digital Philology and Medieval Texts (Interlink MIUR 2006-2010) with the university of Salamanca, Paris, Burgos, Berlin.
- He coordinates the project Hagiographica Coreana financed 2007 by Korea Foundation di Seoul and 2010 ss. by the National University of Seoul.
- He coordinates the Siena unit of Digital Edition of Medieval manuscripts 2014-217, financed by the European Community (Erasmus-Key action ), and took part as expert in the COST action Medieval cultures on the web, (2013-2016), in the project Textométrie des sources historiques of the Ecole Française di Roma, in the project INTERFACES of the Centre for Medieval Literature delle Università di Odense e York and in some projects of the Centre for Medieval Studies in Prague. 
Coordinated the Nazional project Digital philology of Medieval Latin Texts 2003-2005, 2006-2008 and 2012-16 (ALIM). 
2009-11 coordinated the research unit of the project Trivium 2009 on Artes dictaminis and letters-colelctions in XII century Italy.
From 2012 he is National coordinator of ALIM (Archivio della Latinità Italiana del Medioevo). 

Scientific memberships
Director of the series Scrittori latini del Medioevo europeo for the European program Cultura 2007-2013 (Pacini Editore).
Advisory Board of the SISMEL (Società Internazionale di Studi sul Medioevo Latino), of "Medioevo Latino" and lector of the Clavis auctorum latinorum medii aevi.
Advisory Board of CISAM (Centro Italiano di Studi sull'Alto Medioevo) di Spoleto.
Advisory Board of Fondazione Franceschini.
Member of Fondazione Lorenzo Valla (Roma).
He has been vice-secretary of the Consulta Universitaria di Studi Latini.
Member of the Scientific board of university series and academic journals, among them:  "Mediaevalia & Humanistica" (U.S.A.), "Iacobus" (Spagna), "Traditio e Renovatio" (Bergamo),"Classiques latins du Moyen Âge" (Paris), "Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library" (Harvard University, USA), “Fonti per la storia del medioevo” at ISIME (Istituto Storico Italiano per il Medioevo)
Member of the Committee for "Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages" (inside the International Comparative Literature Association) 2009-2015.
He takes part in international research project with LAMOP of Paris-Sorbonne, the Centre for Medieval Studies of Prague, INTERFACES project of the Centre for Medieval Literature at Odense, the European COST Action Medieval Cultures on the Web and other academic undertakings. 

 He is also member of the Accademia Colombaria (Firenze) and INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY of HUMANITIES COMPUTING and DIGITAL HUMANITIES