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__Present and Previous Positions__
*Research Scientist, Spanish Council for Scientific Research, Madrid, Spain, 1998-
*Director of the Chair of Spanish and Hispanic Heritage of the Universities of the Community of Madrid, 2022-
*Advisor in Universities and Higher Education, Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education, Spain, 2017-2020
*Adjunct Professor, IE University/Business School, Spain, 2010-
*Adjunct Professor, ESCP Business School Europe, 2021-
*Education Attaché, Spanish Embassy in Colombia, Bogota, 2012-2017
*Research Scientist,  Spanish Council for Scientific Research, Madrid, Spain, 2008-2012
*Visiting Scholar-Gothenburg University, 2023
*Visiting Scholar-RCC Fellow, Harvard University, Cambridge, 2009-2010
*Visiting Professor, Prince of Asturias Chair, Tufts University, Boston, 2007
*Scientific Researcher, Spanish Council for Scientific Research, Madrid, Spain, 1998-2006
*Scientific Advisor for Fellowships and Grants, Fundacion Carolina for Latin America, Spain, 2002-2004 
*Associate Professor, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 1996
*SAM/MEC Fleming Fellowship, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, 1993-1994
*MEC Fellowships, Spain, Doctoral and  postgraduate, 1987-1992
__Fields of Scholarship__
__Honours and Awards__
*2012 - 2021 Member of the Board in Global History, National Geographic/History
*2019 - 2021 Member of the Board, Hispania Nostra, Heritage Association, Spain
*2018 Awarded the Cross of Merit, Civil Guard, Spain
*2017 Awarded the Cross of Civil Merit, Spain
*2018 Correspondent member of the Royal Academy of History, Spain
*2013 Correspondent member of the Colombian Academy of History
*2012 Permanent Visiting Professor, University of the Andes, Santiago, Chile
*2009 - 2012 Member of the Board, Fundación Dos de Mayo for Historical Studies, Madrid Regional Government.
*1992 - 2018 Member of the Board:
**Revista de Indias, 1992-1997-
**Hispania, 1998-2002-
**Culture&History Digital Journal, since 2012: [http://cultureandhistory.revistas.csic.es/index.php/cultureandhistory]
**Revista de Occidente, since 2017: [http://www.ortegaygasset.edu/publicaciones/revistadeoccidente]
*1993 - 1994 UK-Spain Fleming Fellowship Recipient

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