!!Francisco Lloret - Selected Publications
The first five publications below are chosen among the most cited [[A].\\
The following four are selected  in the works of the last four years, already recognized by the community. [[B]\\
The final one is an important and subtle work, of less easy access, which can be predicted to be recognized sooner or later.\\
Scientific metrics follows. [[C]\\
__[[A] Most cited publications__\\
(1) Title: Cyanide-bridged iron(III)-cobalt(II) double zigzag ferromagnetic chains: Two new molecular magnetic nanowires\\
Author(s): Lescouëzec, R; Vaissermann; Lloret, F; Julve, M; Verdaguer, M; Dromzee, Y; Gatteschi, D; Wernsdorfer, W\\
Source: ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION  Volume: 42  Issue: 13  Pages: 1483-1486  DOI: 10.1002/anie.200250243  Published: 2003  \\
Total Times Cited: 279\\
 (2) Title: Design of single chain magnets through cyanide-bearing six-coordinate complexes\\
Author(s): Lescouëzec, R; Toma, LM; Vaissermann, J; Verdaguer, M.; Ruiz-Perez, C; Lloret, F; Julve, M.\\
Source: COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS  Volume: 249  Issue: 23  Pages: 2691-2729  DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2005.09.017  Published: DEC 1 2005  \\
Total Times Cited: 262\\
(3) Title: [[Fe(bpym)(CN)(4)]](-): A new building block for designing single-chain magnets\\
Author(s): Toma, LM; Lescouëzec, R; Pasan, J; Ruiz-Perez, C; Vaissermann, J; Cano, J;; Wernsdorfer, W; Lloret, F; Julve, M.\\
Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY  Volume: 128  Issue: 14  Pages: 4842-4853  DOI: 10.1021/ja058030v  Published: APR 12 2006  \\
Total Times Cited: 169\\
(4) Title: Magnetic properties of six-coordinated high-spin cobalt(II) complexes: Theoretical background and its application\\
Author(s): Lloret, F; Julve, M; Cano, J; Ruiz-Garcia, R; Pardo, E.\\
Source: INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA  Volume: 361  Issue: 12-13  Pages: 3432-3445  DOI: 10.1016/j.ica.2008.03.114  Published: SEP 1 2008  \\
Total Times Cited: 162\\
(5) Title: Ligand design for multidimensional magnetic materials: a metallosupramolecular perspective\\
Author(s): Pardo, E; Ruiz-Garcia, R; Cano, J; Ottenwaelder, X; Lescouëzec, R; Journaux, Y; Lloret, F; Julve, M.\\
Source: DALTON TRANSACTIONS  Issue: 21  Pages: 2780-2805  DOI: 10.1039/b801222a  Published: 2008  \\
Total Times Cited: 145\\
__[[B] More recent works__\\
(6) Title: Supramolecular coordination chemistry of aromatic polyoxalamide ligands: A metallosupramolecular approach toward functional magnetic materials\\
Author(s): Dul, MC;  Pardo, E; Lescouëzec, R; Journaux, Y; Ferrando-Soria, J; Ruiz-Garcia, R; Cano, J; Julve, M; Lloret, F; Cangussu, D; Stumpf, HO; Ruiz-Perez, C \\
Source: COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS  Volume: 254  Issue: 19-20  Special Issue: SI  Pages: 2281-2296  DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2010.03.003  Published: OCT 2010  \\
Total Times Cited: 57\\
 (7) Title: High Proton Conduction in a Chiral Ferromagnetic Metal-Organic Quartz-like Framework\\
Author(s): Pardo, E; Train, C; Gontard, G; Boubekeur, K; Fabelo, O; Liu, HB; Dkhil, B; Lloret, F; Nakagawa, K; Tokoro, H; Ohkoshi, S; Verdaguer, M.\\
Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY  Volume: 133  Issue: 39  Pages: 15328-15331  DOI: 10.1021/ja206917z  Published: OCT 5 2011  \\
Total Times Cited: 51\\
(8) Title: Single chain magnet behaviour in an enantiopure chiral cobalt(II)-copper(II) one-dimensional compound\\
Author(s): Pardo, E; Train, C; Lescouëzec, R; Journaux, Y; Pasan, J; Ruiz-Perez, C; Ruiz-Garcia, R; Lloret, F; Paulsen, C.\\
Source: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS  Volume: 46  Issue: 13  Pages: 2322-2324  DOI: 10.1039/b920231e  Published: 2010  \\
Total Times Cited: 49\\
(9) Title: Rational Enantioselective Design of Chiral Heterobimetallic Single-Chain Magnets: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Oxamato-Bridged (MCuII)-Cu-II Chains (M=Mn, Co)\\
Author(s): Ferrando-Soria, J; Cangussu, D;; Journaux, Y; Lescouezec, R; Julve, M; Lloret, F; Ruiz-Perez, C; Lhotel, E; Paulsen, C; Pardo, E \\
Source: CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL  Volume: 17  Issue: 44  Pages: 12482-12494  DOI: 10.1002/chem.201101459  Published: OCT 2011  \\
Total Times Cited: 31\\
(10) Title: Antisymmetric Exchange in Triangular Tricopper(II) Complexes: Correlation among Structural, Magnetic, and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Parameters\\
Author(s): Ferrer, S; Lloret, F; Pardo, E; Liu-Gonzalez, M; Garcia-Granda, S.\\
Source: INORGANIC CHEMISTRY  Volume: 51  Issue: 2  Pages: 985-1001  DOI: 10.1021/ic2020034  Published: JAN 16 2012  \\
Total Times Cited: 20\\
__[[C] Impact of the Scientific Publications (22 april 2014):__
\\ \\
Total: 472 articles in international scientific journal indexed in ISI and SciFinder Scholar data bases. Starting date: 1981.\\
Field : Multidisciplinary Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Molecular Magnetism.
\\ \\
The following table (from the ISI Essential Science Indicators database) summarizes the scientific productivity and impact:
\\ \\
|__Scientific articles:__|474\\
|__Sum of the Times Cited:__|16378\\
|__Average Citations per Item:__|34.55\\
\\ \\
The average of publications in the last five years is about 30.\\
Even if,  as ever,  these bibliometric  figures should be used with great care, they place Prof. Francisco Lloret Pastor among the most cited (inorganic) chemists in the world. They are the witnesses of a high recognition by the community and attest the deep impact of the scientific findings of himself and his exceptionnally creative and productive research team.