!! Olof Lidin - List of Selected Publications
*Från Sverige till Korea 1953 – 1955, Uppsala 1956, partially published.
*Ogyû Sorai, Life and Philosophy, with Full Translation of his work Bendô and partial translation of his work Seidan, Ph.D.-dis-sertation, Ann Arbor, 1968.
*Ogyû Sorai's Distinguishing the Way, Tokyo, 1970.
*The Life of Ogyû Sorai, A Tokugawa Confucian Philosopher, Lund, 1973.
*Ogyû Sorai's Journey to Kai in 1706, with a Translation of theKyôchûkikô, London,  1983.
*Japans Religioner, Copenhagen, 1985.
*Japans ældre historie, Politiken, for Verdenshistorien,  85 sidor.
*History of Japanese Thought, in Japanische Geistesgeschichte, Wiesbaden, 1988.
*Florilegium Japanicum, Copenhagen, 1996.
*Ogyû Sorai's Discourse on Government (Seidan), An Annotated Translation, Wiesbaden, 2000.
*Tanegashima - The Arrival of Europe in Japan, Copenhagen, 2002.
*Same, 2nd edition, London, 2004.
*From Taoism to Einstein, ri and ki in Chinese and Japanese Thought, A Survey, 2006.
*Balance and Chance, Berlin, 2007 and Mïnster 2009.
*Min Far – Nestor, Huddinge, 1910.