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__Scientific degrees and titles:__ 

*1970 - MSc - Physics Dept. Warsaw University. 
*1972 - PhD - Physics Dept. Warsaw University.
*1978 - Dr Sci (Habilitation) - Physics Dept. Warsaw University.
*1987 - Professor title (awarded by the President of Poland). 

*2017 -         emeritus professor
*1970 - 1978	Physics Department, Warsaw University (MS, PhD, habilitation-Dr SCi)
*1978 - 2017 	Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (Professor).
**			(1979-1981) – Research Director.	
**(1980-1990) – chair Solid State Spectroscopy Division.
*1993 - 2001	College of Science, Warsaw (Professor in physics).
*1999 - 2004 	Polish Academy of Sciences, Advisor to the President of the Academy.
*2005		Ministry of Science and Information Society Technologies, Deputy Minister
*2006 - 2012	Municipality of Wrocław – advisor to the City Mayor on research policy
*2012 - 2016	President of the Board, Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+
__Scientific field of interest:__

*Condensed matter physics (mainly semiconductors – both theory and experiment, particularly physics of defects in semiconductors, recombination phenomena and the physics of junctions.), modern technologies, non-linear optics, information techniques, economy and financial markets. 
__Scientific Output and science guidance experience:__

*70+ invited talks at major international conferences and reviews, 170+ original publications, mostly in highest impact journals, well over 2000 citations, 10 Books and Conference Proceedings, 3 Patents 

*12 MSc Theses supervision, 15 PhD Theses supervisor (6 already full professors – 2 Poland, 1 Germany, 1 France, 1 Vietnam, 1 USA)
__Major internationally recognized scientific achievements:__

*Discovery of bistability of defects in semiconductors and their negative-U character; co-discovery of a novel mechanism of efficient holographic storage in semiconductors with bistable defects, discovery and explanation of a mutual relationship between semiconductor heterojunction band offsets and energy levels of transition metals in semiconductors; discovery of a novel Auger-type recombination at localized impurities in semiconductors - theory of the effect and its unique use in studying the impact-excited junction electroluminescence; co-discovery of efficient electroluminescence in 8ev-wide-bandgap CdF2 semiconducting crystals ranging from infrared to ultraviolet.
__Major inputs to Polish and European science policies:__

*European Research Council 
**co-authored two key input analyses on the ERC ( 2003 – ESF report on New Structures for the Support of High-Quality Research in Europe, 2004 – report on EC HL group on the rationale of the ERC and its remits)
**NEST – advice to EC on the concept and then implementation of the NEST program 
**	2005 – shaping of Poland's support policy towards the ERC (as a vice-minister of science)
**	(2002-2005) well over 20 international presentations/publications on the ERC concept and its remits
**	Since the opening of ERC operations- chairman of AdG panel in condensed matter (3 terms)

*Grand Challenges in ERA
**	2005-2006 – EURAB and EC HL study group on the rationale of the new ERA – input to the detailed proposal of the concept
**	2009-2011 – conceptual input to the Lund declaration and then Nordic policies towards Grand Challenges (via HL advisory group to the NordForsk)
**	2013 - Recommendations on the implementation of the ERA communication by member states and by the European commission
**	Several articles in Research Europe and international presentations

*European Innovation Council
**	2010-2011 – authoring the concept of the EIC as a twin council to the ERC but on the applied research side (presented at FET11 conference and HORIZON HL study group by DG INFSO), the first concept presented in 2005 during the UK presidency
**	The EIC proposal was taken as the Academia Europaea's official position towards the HORIZON 2020 

*Regional innovation policy (the S3 – smart specialisation strategy)
**	2012 - “Poland’s Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation” (Project No. 2012CE160AT042-3, DG REG), report with J Walendowski
**	2013 - “Latvia’s Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation”  (DG REG, 2013 ), report with R Zadeh
**	2015 – “Review of Progress in Implementing Research Prioritisation in Ireland– Report of the Independent Panel (panel chairman), June 2015, Ireland

*Polish Academy of Sciences reform
**	2002 - member and rapporteur of the HL concept group 

*National Framework Programme
**	2005, concept and supervision of the first Polish Framework Program on Scientific Research: rules, procedures and topics (as a vice-minister of science)

*The City of Wrocław EIT+ innovation hub and campus
**	2006 -, EIT+ science and innovation program of the City (worth 1 bln PLN), chairman of the HL study group and co-author of the EIT+ programme (the largest EU regional innovation policy program in CEE supported by the structural funds) and its implementation 
__Membership in International science policy HL groups and institutions:__
*Pan-European organisations and EU institutions

**	EIC Pilot AG - member (2019-2021)
**	EIC Ambassador - EC appointed(2021-)
**	EURAB – member (2004–2007) (elected member of a Bureau 2004)
**	ISTAG - member (2003-2005)
**	FETAG – chair (2013-2016) 
***	Board of Governors member (member of the strategy and environment  groups) 2002-07, member of the selection committee for high JRC posts (2004-07)
***	IPTS –FUTURES Enlargement (I and II) steering committee member 
**	Framework Programs of the EU
***	Polish government delegate and individual expert to several specific programs and actions for FP5 and later
***	NEST – a member of a consultation group preparing the NEST (2002), then reviewer and member of the panel (1st call - 2003), Independent Observer (2003/2004).
***	COST – a member of the assessment panel in physicochemical sciences. (2004).
***	HLWG member of “Maximising the wider benefits of competitive basic research at European level – the ERC rationale” (2004-2005)
***	HLWG member of on rationale and a new vision of the ERA (2007-08)
***	ERC – Chairman of the AdvGrant Panel on the condensed matter (2008-2013)
***	FP6 – HL ex-post assessment panel member of the FP6 program (2008)
***	HLEG on the Research Profession (2011-12),
***	FET HL concept group (2011-12) 
***	HLEG on Recommendations on the implementation of the ERA (2013)
**	EU Regional Policy
***	HL Mirror group "Smart specialisation platform (S3 Platform)" (2011-)
***	Report with J Walendowski on “Poland’s Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation” (Project No. 2012CE160AT042-3, DG REG, 2012 )
***	Report with Reza Zadeh 2013 on “Latvia’s Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation”  (DG REG, 2013)

*Pan-European organisations 

**	ACADEMIA EUROPAEA – Member of the Board (2009-2015), Foreign Secretary (2011-2015)
**	EUROSCIENCE – founding member, Vice-president (6 years), Honorary vice-president (life)
***	ESOF 2016 - European Science Open Forum 2016 (Manchester) - Program chairman
***	PESC – delegate of Polish Academy of Sciences (1994-2000) – 2 terms (member of the core group during the second term)
***	EUROCORES - author of  the program SONS – self-organised nanostructures, member of the assessment group 
***	Forward looks - author of  the program Advanced Light Sources 
***	HLWG for the concept of ERC (member of HLWG and one of the editors of the report New Structures for the Support of High-Quality Research in Europe) 2002/3

*National advisory boards and related activities:

**	SLOVAKIA – member of the foreign member to the Council for International and Technological Cooperation of the Slovak Research and Development Agency (2006-2009)
**	SWEDEN- Member of the HL Preparatory Group for the Lund Declaration (Swedish Presidency, 2009) 
**	NORWAY – NordForsk – Member of the HL Group for Grand Challenges in Nordic Countries (2010-2012)
**	IRELAND – panel chair for the assessment of research prioritization in Ireland (2014-15)
__Lectures, publications, public presentations:__

*Well over 150 public presentations and journal publications on various aspects of the EU science policy, including EP hearing on FP simplification, several keynote invited presentations during Irish, UK, Czech, Swedish, Portugal and Spanish Presidencies and topical European conferences on EU-science policy, papers in “Foresight” and “ResearchEurope”. 
__Major Awards and most important scientific honours:__

*	Academia Europaea – Elected Member 2008, Foreign Secretary (2009-2014)
*	American Physical Society, USA – Elected Fellow 1989 (for a major contribution to physics of defects and recombination phenomena in solids). 
*	Maria Sklodowska Curie Award - 1991 - the highest Polish scientific award in physics and chemistry.
*	Polish Academy of Science – 2 individual and 5 group awards
*	Polish Physical Society - Distinguished Lecturer 1995/97.
*	Warsaw Science Society (oldest Polish sci. society) – President (2020 - ), elected Fellow (2000), chair of exact sciences division (10 years)
*	Polonia Restituta Medal (State, 1998) + gold and bronze Cross of Merit. 
*	Medal "Merito de Wratislavia” -Zasłużony dla Wrocławia - 2016
__Scientific stays and major science activity abroad:__

*	Stanford University, Stanford, USA - post doc. (1972/73), 
*	J. Kepler Univ, Linz, Austria - invited Professor (1985 and 1987), 
*	UMIST, Manchester, professor and SERC Distinguished Res. Fellow (1990/91)
*	NEC Laboratories (Tsukuba Japan) – consulting distinguished scientist (summer 1995)
*	Program and Advisory Committees of major international conferences in physics (60+ times)
*	well over 100 lectures and seminars in research institutions (USA, U.K, Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Mexico, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary).
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