!!Janusz Krzysztof - Curriculum Vitae
__Education and degrees:__\\
*BA (Mgr); Jagellonian University, 1957\\
*PhD: Jagellonian University, 1962\\
*Dr habil. Jagellonian University, 1967\\
*Professor of Archaeology, Jagellonian University, 1976\\
*Jagellonian University 1956-present \\
__Major recent fieldworks:__\\
*1969-present - complex of  open air Upper Palaeolithic sites Krakow-Spadzista street\\
*1979-1989 - Palaeolithic and Predynastic sites in Armant, Thebes (Upper Egypt)and Fayum,\\
*1992-1998 - Upper Palaeolithic sites in Western Slovakia near Moravany and Banka,\\
*1994-2006 - Cave sites in Klisoura Gorge (Peloponnese, Greece),\\
*1999-2001 - Upper Palaeolithic and Neolithic sites in Ondava valley, Eastern Slovakia,\\
*1992-1996 - Caves of Karain and Okuzini in Southern Turkey (participation in Belgian-Turkish project)\\
*2000-2001 - Early Middle Palaeolithic sites Rozumice C and Pietraszyn 49 in Upper Silesia, Poland.\\
*2001-2006- Mesolithic site at Maroulas (Island of Kythnos, Greece).\\
*2002-2003 - Middle/Upper Palaeolithic site in Dzerava skala, Western Slovakia (common project with Slovak and Czech Institutes in Nitra and Brno).\\
*1996-present – open air Early Neolithic sites in Eastern Slovakia and North Eastern Hungary\\
*2006-present- Mesolithic/Neolithic interface in Sarakenos Cave Beotia, Greece\\
__Teaching activities (only recent):__\\
*Jagellonian University: lectures for students of archaeology and history of art.;\\
*Chaire Francqui (Belgium): lectures for postgraduate students of the Universities in Liege, Brussel and Ghent (2000/2001),\\
*College de France (Paris): lectures in the Neolithic archaeology of the Middle east and south-eastern Europe - 2000/2001\\
*Harvard University (Cambridge) - 2000