I am one of the Editors of the peer-reviewed academic journal Contrastive Pragmatics - A Cross-disciplinary Journal, published by Brill in Diamond Open Access. 
Contrastive Pragmatics can be accessed at the following link: www.brill.com/jocp

The following is a short description of the Journal:

Contrastive Pragmatics: A Cross-Disciplinary Journal is a diamond open access journal, meaning neither authors nor readers pay any fees. As of 2022 it will be published three times a year. The journal welcomes contributions that compare the use of language forms, realisation of speech acts, forms of interactional behaviour, and evaluative tendencies both across and within linguacultures. It also publishes contributions on the contrastive study of patterns of translation and language teaching. The journal provides a much-needed academic platform for corpus-driven and bottom-up research on language use, and for synergies between pragmatics, translation, intercultural communication, and language learning and teaching. The journal particularly welcomes research on lesser-studied linguacultures. It pays special attention to pragmalinguistics and its interfaces with sociopragmatics, corpus linguistics, grammar, language acquisition, and other areas. The journal is supported by Dalian University of Foreign Languages. 

I will share information on this page regarding new papers published in the journal from September 2021.