!!Penelope Harvey - Curriculum Vitae
*1987   PhD, Social Anthropology, London School of Economics\\
*1982   MSc, Social Anthropology, London School of Economics\\
*1979   BA (Hons) Spanish, King’s College, University of London\\
*2019 - 2024   Member and Deputy Chair, UK Government Committee for Radioactive Waste Management, BEIS \\
*2019 Member of REF panel for discipline of Social Anthropology \\
*2017 Founding Director, Beam nuclear and social research network  (Dalton Nuclear Inst. and Alliance Manchester Bus. School)\\
*2015 Advisory Board, Institute of Advanced Study, University of Durham, UK. \\
*2014 - 2018  Legacy  Director, CRESC, University of Manchester \\
__Major Research Collaborations (Recent)__
*2020 - 2025   Advisory Board Member “Ports” (PI E Schober), ERC. \\
*2019 - 2023   Advisory Board Member “Global Trout: Investigating environmental change through more-than-human world systems” international project (PIs K Nustad, Oslo, and H Swanson,  Aarhus).  Norwegian Research Council.\\
*2018 - 2021   Advisory Board Member “(Dis-)Assembling the Life Cycle of Container Ships. Global Ethnographic explorations into Maritime Working Lives (PI E Schober, Norwegian Research Council.\\
*2018   “Holistic Decommissioning in the Nuclear Industry”, (PI) BNFL Endowment Fund, £350,000 (2017-2022) and a further £80,000 granted in 2018 .\\
*2014  “Big Data and Urban Waste Management”, ESRC Impact Accelerator Award for work with Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority, £36,000 (PI). \\
*2014   “Socialising 'big data': identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of data-objects”, CI with H. Knox, A. Mackenzie, R. McNally and C.Lury - PI E. Ruppert, ESRC, £175,000 .\\ \\