!!Joachim Gottsmann - Curriculum Vitae
*2003 Professional Certificate in Business Management, Open University Business School, United Kingdom\\
*2001 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat); Faculty of Geosciences; Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany; Advisor: Prof. D. B. Dingwell\\
*1996 Diploma Degree ’Geology and Palaeontology’; Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen; Germany
*Since 2006, courses in Geology and Environmental Geoscience at the University of Bristol\\
*10 Ph.D and 18 M.Sc. students supervised\\
*EASCM0010 project coordinator for Geology MSci students
#NERC: RiftVolc Large grant (2014-19); Award: £3.7M; Lead-PI: Whaler, Edinburgh; Bristol PI: Biggs, Co-Is: Kendall, Cashman, Blundy, Whitaker and Gottsmann\\
#EC FP7-ENV: MEDSUV Consortium - Mediterranean Supersite Volcanoes; 2013-2016; Award: 6M Euro; Coordinator: Puglisi (INGV-Catania), PI Bristol: Gottsmann (140k Euro)\\
#EC FP7 Initial Training Network 2012-16: NEMOH Numerical, experimental and stochastic modelling of volcanic processes and hazard (Coordinator: Papale, INGV, Pisa; PI Bristol: Rust; Co-I Bristol: Gottsmann (£392k ).\\
# EC FP7-ENV: VUELCO Consortium - Volcanic Unrest in Europe and Latin America: Phenomenology, eruption precursors, hazard forecast, and risk mitigation; 2011-2015; Award: 3.5M Euro (900k Euro to Bristol); Coordinator and PI: Gottsmann\\
#NERC NE/G016593/1 Standard Grant (2009-2013), Award: £652k (fEC); PI: Gottsmann, Co-Is: Sparks, Rust, Blundy, Dohmen\\ \\